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    Went up to Heather ridge with JimG again today. Toured over skyline lake to check out the diving board. Looks like a fun jump, but yet again I just stood at the edge and stared into the shark tooth filled pool below me.*

    Scooted around through boulder land and over to the funner chutes. A ski cut got the top of big funner to slide. Noy very big, only the top 6-8″s new snow slid, and only the very top. It’s slough ran, but caused no stepdown. Dropped a small cornice into, an agressive ski cut, and then rode little funner into moonlight.

    big funner


    From there we headed west over to Baldy. Touring up the ridge has some fun moments. We scoped every possible line, decided many weren’t safe for us today, and then went back to drop the usually avi prone bald face. The fact that it had already slid a few days ago, and the lower then usuall wind loading was nice. Up to this point we hadn’t seen any body since we left the S&P highway, but it turns out someone followed our skin track up, and tested the slope for us.

    up the ridge, and down lookers left of center

    At the bottom we stopped and cooked up some cheesy mash potatoes. Even though we had hardly seen a sole all day, about 20 people skinned past us. As we started climbing, it was kind of ammusing to see the criss cross sets of skin tracks that people had been laying in every direction. Who knew it was so busy today? As we crossed over the center of skyline, we got one more big goodbye whoomph from the entire lake.

    *photos above are from previous trips


    Two days with the pilot. What the hell is that muzac…. sounds like Cher. Rythmn is the dancer my friend. :disco:


    The pilot that doesn’t fly.. :doobie: He was a little out of his comfort zone at times, but he powered through. That ridge gets pretty thin at times.

    The track is’my personal moon’ since it was moonlight bowl and all. I was just messing around, and it was the most fitting title of the 15 free songs I had available.

    We have to go hit the gnar gnar to lookers right, or even on the backside of that when the conditions allow.


    Somone was nice enough to take a shot of our lines. My line starts furthest lookers right.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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