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    pretty lame article, but he’s right about the demographics and declining sales.

    switching over to skiing??? 🙄
    I don’t need to convince myself that snowboard is just more FUN for me.

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    Jones Snowboards is doing well; they’re growing in a declining market, as are a few other brands, like Venture, a small Colorado producer that primarily builds deeply rockered boards (a design invented by skiers) purpose-built for powder turns and the sustainable snowboarding life.

    Uh, skiers invented rocker? Venture boards are “deeply rockered?”

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    😆 Who cares? There are some weird ideas in the article though. Snowboarding more dangerous than skiing, that is simply mistaken. It is way easier to get a very serious leg injury on skis.
    Skiers invented rocker? Uhh, my first snowboard, in 1983, had rocker. But really, surfers “invented” rocker.
    Who really gives a damn what the “Industry” is doing? People who love snowboarding ride for the love of it. The real fact is that standing sideways allows for a much more natural use of the body, but hey, I have no problem with folks who like to ski, for whatever reason. If people are leaving snowboarding because of some perception of the sport not being “cool” anymore, I say good riddance, those folks were never riding for the right reason anyway.

    I might consider skiing when surfers start riding big waves facing forward, with a parallel stance, and two separate boards, one strapped to each foot.

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    Time to buy those skis. Your halfway there

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    @spicoli11 wrote:

    Time to buy those skis. Your halfway there

    Thanks for that. I think it proves my point, how awkward does that look vs surfing. Good to see though.

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    I think I’d rather watch a gnarly meatsword fight than to watch more than five seconds of ski surfing…. 😯 :nononno: Really you huck super mega cliffs…and then tow into a wave on skis :scratch: DERP

    Spicolli…as a proper’s your duty to get on a plane to Hawaii…and cut that guys skis in 2.

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    Skiing is only better when its slow and flat! Shawn Palmer already proved how much cooler and better snowboarding is.. He beat all the olympic skiers at their own sport! Gold in skiercross.

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    waste of breath…

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    There’s a reason this schmuck writes online editorials. He’ll be teaching David dooshbags illegitimate kids to ski at Alta after much more of this garbage.

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    What a douche.

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    Ridiculous. More butthurt skiers waiting for the death of snowboarding with their tinfoil hats on. We could all play nice together but that’s clearly not an option for some people.

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    +1 this wave ski vid is a perfect illustration of why I LOVE one board (even though I did ski and do plan to ski again in the future)


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    The owner of Crystal mtns wife, Kim Kircher who is a ski patroller on the mtn wrote a post about this, and how inefficient snowboarding is, and how it was going to die blah blah blah. It looks like she backtracked a bit after sounding like an alta ski nazi

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    Am I the only one here that can identify with what PERUZZI is saying (well only parts of it)?

    The sport was invented by humble folk in the Midwest (by a friend’s grandfather) and Vermont (by some older classmates of my wife), but it was adopted by Southern California. Actually it was more of an alien rendition than an adoption. Most snowboarders in places like Maine, Montana, and Colorado have little affiliation with the carefully cultivated image of “action sports.” Then there’s the ageism. Over 30 years old but still get out and shred? The industry lives in absolute dread of you.

    Yeah I remember riding in Sorels (27 years ago). For me it was and always will be about riding powder, free-riding or carving trenches. To me, I never thought about being cool, and the snowboard industry left me back in the early nineties. When the industry went to youthful skating freestyle and has stayed has ignored its roots of backcountry and carving. For many years walking into snowboard, feels out of sorts, since I do not fit the demographic. I was never into the skull and cross bones skating scene. Or when I finally went for an advance snowboard lesson, the instructor look at me weird because I was riding hard boots (AT Boots) and with forward stance. Instructor said I should ride duck-stance and soft-boots. Needless say I shred just fine, did not learn anything new that day. :nononno: Or was laugh at for riding a true swallowtail (Nitro Retro) by punk-ass snowboarders.

    Where I differ for PERUZZI’s article: Snowboarding is not dying, it is in a Renaissance, where a small company of innovators (Voile, Venture, Jones, Spark R&D, NS, Prior and other splitboard innovators are moving forward and embracing it’s backcountry roots! Note: I not ragging on freestyle or skating heritage influence. I just saying I got no freestyle-steeze and I have not never fit into the snowboard marketing demographic since the 90’s and I am fine with that.

    Noting also as a snowboarder that I feel discriminated by Alta’s policy by a sterotype of snowboarder counter-culture that in my case is not true!

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    I have the post she took down saved somewhere…

    It was hilarious when Pedro del Fuego told her she probably was cool once but is now an old fuddy duddy 😆

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    @saign wrote:

    The owner of Crystal mtns wife, Kim Kircher who is a ski patroller on the mtn wrote a post about this, and how inefficient snowboarding is, and how it was going to die blah blah blah. It looks like she backtracked a bit after sounding like an alta ski nazi

    Hahahaha! How “inefficient” it is! Who cares. Am I really that concerned about “efficiency”. I mean, really. I thought I went snowboarding to have fun, and perhaps, on those rare days when everything comes together, maybe I even get to have a really valuable transcendent experience. It is probably most “efficient” to stay home and never go slide on snow, but how fun would that be?
    “Efficiency” is for work, I do not want snowboarding to ever be work.
    I have nothing against skiers, and am really glad that they have found their way back to having fun through the influence of snowboarding. Hopefully all this nonsense is finally going away, and we can all have fun together!

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    The guy is a total kook and clearly doesn’t know shit about snowboarding, but he’s right about a few things. The older snowboard market has been completely ignored. They market to adolescents with mommy’s credit card in hand. Not grownups who can afford to pay MSRP and don’t give a flying fuck about the “Flying Tomato” or anyone else riding a halfpipe or sliding rails for that matter.

    But if the guy actually checked his facts, he would find that overall, skiing is in decline too. Resorts and ski companies are pricing people out of the sport. More accurately, pricing the middle class out of the sport. Vail is charging $135 for ONE FUCKING DAY OF SKIING!!!! That’s absurd!.

    But back to snowboarding. Newsflash: IT’S STILL REALLY FUCKING FUN!!!! If you ever start to forget that, watch this:

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    @Peruzzi wrote:

    [Snowboarding is] more dangerous than skiing: As a snowboarder, you’re more likely to break a wrist or an arm

    Tell me again about your ACL injury three years ago which helps you predict the weather now. And what’s up with patrollers’ poles? It’s like a gang tattoo or something, they all cut off their straps.

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