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    Mike Hardaker
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    Heading up to Nelson area to write an article on Selkirk Wilderness Skiing. Well be at the Lodge over New Years but would love to do some touring and riding around Nelson before and after the trip. Anyone live in the area?

    Happy to bring some swag up as a thank you for showing us some lines and good times.

    Excited as this will be my first time to Canada!!


    Hey, Mike. I’m riding at Whitewater Thursday thru Sunday and I’m free to tour elsewhere Monday thru Wednesday. I’m always looking for partners and I’m super happy to promote the area any way I can.

    Mike Hardaker
    20 Posts


    Thanks for the reply, small world as we have been geeking out on the terrain photos on your website ! I just sent you an email as well.

    Any recommendations on places to stay in Nelson or up at the resort?

    P.S. I plan to bring a few splits up to do some testing, so if your interested in trying a new board I will have a few with me.

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    I’ll be in the area for most of those days & looking to shred every one of them. Don’t know the area quite like Trevor, but have been fortunate enough to tour with him & learn a lot along the way the last few years. You’ll be good hands for sure!

    Whitewater isn’t a resort persay, no accommodations or the like up there, everything is in town. Depends on what your after. The Dancing Bear hostel is right on Baker & will be in the heart of the action, same with the Hume & a few other places. Tons of couch surfing options, the Prestige down on the lake if you’re feeling fancy.

    That was Pontus

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