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    Does anyone have experience with Head boots? I have been a committed Burton boot rider for years but I have this opportunity to try Head boots.

    One of the things they tout in the stats about each boot is the forward lean. If I was building my own boot (to use split boarding) aggressive forward lean would be the last thing I would want to add. Just judging from their website the biggest thing they do to make a boot more aggressive is ramp up forward lean.

    I’d like to find a boot that is stiffer then the average boot but that doesn’t have much forward lean. I’m also looking at the women’s models, fyi, so neither stiffness or forward lean compares as much in these to some of the boots that you guys all ride.

    I’m probably going to give these a shot regardless, but I am curious if anyone has experience with them. Its really not a brand I’ve had much exposure to.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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