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    Here’s some recent HD splitboard action from 12-21-07, 1-1-08, and 1-7-08.

    Special thanks to dishwasher dave for helping capture some of it. 8)

    jerk it out 50megs quicktime

    jerk it out 39megs iPod/iPhone version

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    Nicely done. I like that you included uphill footage.

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    BCR- thank you for that!

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    Great editing! Looks like spring time snow?

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    Nice one….and good to see some sunshine, wasn’t sure that fire ball is still up there.

    I don’t want to complain about the weather here in the PNW but we are getting hammered by never ending storms with wind and dark gray clouds dumping feets of snow since mid December , maybe 3 clear days in the past 5 weeks.

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    wow that was great you guys. got me kind of emotional after 6 days of splitting here in AZ. Ya know stoked to be living the dream…
    I was gonna rest tomorrow but I gots to go find my goggles. I lost them on the first split ascent/descent of cabin flat hill.

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    Nice video. I am planning on posting some videos of my splitboard adventures as well. A question for you, did you have to pay the Caesars for the use of their song? And if so, how much? Just asking because I want to put copyrighted music in my short films as well and would like to know how much this might cost me.

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    No, for home movies I don’t license the music. Technically I think you are supposed to but….

    If I was making a full length film for sale, for sure.

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    top notch little video bcr. great tune choice, very apropo. passing it around to friends.

    like someone else said i like the way you weaved the “up” with the “down”. the up is part of the fun and certainly a big part of the game as i’m finding out.

    i had it playing today in an attempt to cheer my arse up (after i realized the conditions are crap in VT due to the thaw out here. any chance for splitting is now delayed for days if not weeks). it kinda worked. well not really, but thanks for the stoke. 😆 (putting my tiny violin away now.)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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