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    last week went with ty mills and isaac kamink up the asulkan brook past the hut and over the pass to the incomappleux, and up into the dawson range. we set a camp on the moraines below donkin. the weather wasnt as good as was forecast but the next morning greg, chancy and conor showed up as planned and the skies started to clear. together we went up the dawson glacier

    and upped the s flank of fox to gain twisted rock. the weather had gone ta shiz again but greg led us in full conditions up selwyns n glacier

    we gained the selwyn/hasler col and broke out above the clouds, sweet, who knew??? chancy got on point to lead us along the narrow and exposed ridge west towards hasler, the highest peak of mt dawson and the second highest in the selkirks.

    thats conor riding the ridge, but we all did it like that, its serious exposure on both sides. we crossed a glacial bench and chancy punched thru the ‘schrund before we found a good bridge over, then more ridgecrest

    the strain of the lead started wearing on chancy and so he let me go ahead thru the last crux to the summit

    it was getting late tho, so i only waited to hi 5 chancy when he came up after me, then i got started with the descent, continuing westwards to see if we could downclimb to the hasler/feuz col and the comstock couloir. we could, and we did. the chute was climbed first in 1901 and is described in the ‘selkirks south’ guidebook (jones) as 500 metres and consistantly 55 degrees. as far as we know (which is not much for my part, but greg knows as much as anyone about the skiing round here) its never been skiied but that evening it was plunder and pillage for 6 of us. chancys camera crapped out at the summit and conor described himself as terrified (in a good way) from when we left the selwyn/hasler col so i dont have fotos of the slide down. i’ll bug tyler to get on here with some of his, or i’ll post them when he gives me copies. this is the peak and the line tho

    we sent the thing cuz we had a strong crew and we perservered thru difficult conditions. there were a number of times that day when i figured we had zero chance of success, but someone was always willing to push on just a lil further, and that made all the difference.
    the next day the weather was a lil tuff again, greg, chancy and conor skiied out over mt fox, and our crew went up selwyn to ride the n glacier run, which is visible from many places in the park and from the dogtooth range. day 4 we slid back down to the incomappleux where we startled a wolverine, dam those things can run!!! (you’d run too if you saw my grizzly beard in a dark valley) and skiied out up the geikie glacier onto youngs shoulder and rode forever young to asulkan brook and then to the car.

    never summer snowboards
    phantom splitboard bindings
    dynafit touring
    atomic boots


    VERY Nice!! That line looks ridiculous. Great photos.

    This looks a little sketchy.


    Geez man,

    I’m more stoked on the climb than the line you rode.

    I’m pretty damn stoked on the line you rode.

    Mumbles, give Karkis another $50


    @renoenvy wrote:

    Mumbles, give Karkis another $50

    Yeah, just send him my $50. 😀



    You got a nice halo, too!


    Two words come to mind



    Really enjoyed every post this year. Sick!


    …. shit man ❗

    Kyle Miller

    Way to Kill it Kharkis


    karkis you gnarly bastard, I puked twice looking at those pics. jcocci, I’ll send it to him if that is what you want, this is another sick TR for sure. I’m not sure but right now the TRs from karkis and kyle miller are really rocking the forum…let’s get these guys out riding every single day.

    jcocci, I already have karkis’ mailing info and will be hitting the bank later this week to send him his $50. Let me know if I’m sending him $100 or send me your address. You could always take my $50 and sponsor April’s Sick Line contest…maybe more stoke generated, just a suggestion.


    keep posting TR’s please


    WTF, this is insane. Your at a whole different level Dude

    How did you even stay on top of this? -Sooo sketcy


    Gnarly! 😯 Mind bending.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

    rky mtn srfr

    Balls out nutty. VERY well done.


    i have been patiently waiting for this one – fuck yeah karkis.

    on the theme of firsts, when you heading to bryce?


    sickness. nice line and looks like fun easy climbing too 😉


    Daaaay-um! 😯 Well done. You and bcd should team up for a trip. I’d be afraid to even look at that TR.


    HOLY SHIT!!!! I’ve been away a little while, goddamn that is crazy. Nice lines guys. wait to perservere through some gnarly exposure!


    I suddenly feel like a lemming… nice work.


    😯 Holy Moly!!!, great ascent, would love to see the descent 😯

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