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    I’m considering splitting my 2010 Ride Slackcountry 164. Has anyone done this or seen it done? I don’t want to rip the board and end up with something unrideable because I compromised the core or carbon layout. Any input?

    Charlie Day
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    I was contemplating this as well and ultimately ended up splitting a Highlife instead. I can tell you that there doesn’t seem to have been any issue with the carbon stringers being compromised. I haven’t ridden it yet (just split it this summer) and no snow yet on the East coast, but fully looking forward to it. As long as it has the wood core I think you should be all set, but maybe do some more research on the core first. I have the first year production Slack and love it, but I know they changed to the UL core after that and that’s not a full wood core. Be careful before you cut up such a sweet deck, and good luck!

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    Oh man, don’t tempt me to rip my Highlife too!

    I also have the first year production Slack, and while it’s not the full UL core, the tech specs say it has full UL Glass.

    I’m just worried that it might lose too much of its stiffness and become a noodle if I cut it, so I’m still on the fence about it.

    Let us know how that Highlife rides!

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    I spent all last year on a slackcountry 164 and loved it. I was really tempted to pick up a 167 on clearance and split it, but I was worried about the possible repercussions of cutting the ul core in half. Let me know if you do it because I’d be very curious how it turns out. You could try calling Ride and ask them about it.

    Out of curiousity, I just called Ride and the guy I spoke with told me –

    “…that’s a tough question. we don’t really know, but it should be okay. As long as your cut is straight down the center and doesn’t get into any of the ul tech stuff, it should be alright…”

    Soo… take that for whatever you think it’s worth

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    Here’s a quote from a guy on the Ride Nation forum….

    Mr_Tidbit wrote:
    I just got a nice explanation about splitting UL boards or not from the man who knows more about the decks than anyone.

    There are two concerns with splitting a UL Core. First is exposing a UL Stringer and second is the weight/stress you would put on the center beam when in touring mode. The stringer isn’t a huge deal, as you would end up sealing it with epoxy. But the weight/stress on the center beam in touring mode could lead to snapping the board. You can split one but it’s not highly recommended.

    You can split non UL ride boards with Carbon array, but ultimately you are going to lose the benefits of carbon array by doing so. So you are better off splitting a deck that also has popstix/rods in it if you’re going to do it so you don’t completely lose that snap/response in the nose and tail.

    Charlie Day
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    One of my final considerations was after talking this over with my friend who was also the Ride rep for many years was the Hi-rise rocker on the Slack vs the Lo-pro rocker on my Highlife. The Highlife I split is 1st year production (Spacecraft graphic) before the UL core.

    The extended profile on the Lo-pro vs the Hi-rise in the tail was the seller to me. He brought up that I might lose grip in uphill skinning due to the Hi-rise rocker in the tail and how it starts pretty much right behind the back inserts. That and the fact that he gave me the Highlife for free and said “cut it up and see what happens”…

    I’ll def give some feedback on the Highlife and how it rides… just gotta pray for snow now!

    Charlie Day
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    OK, so I went up and did a little resort riding just to test out the Highlife and see how it rode. I went up to Killington, good snow kind of spring conditions. Board rode pretty well but definitely lost a good amount of stiffness and pop. Part of it may be due to my construction, but I think slicing through the carbon stringers in the tip and tail might have a bit of an effect on it too. I’ll still use the board, might be a little more cautious in springy/ heavy conditions which we do tend to get here in the East as I fell like I might get tossed around a bit.

    If I were to DIY another board, I’d probably go more towards the route of Lib/ Gnu or something that doesn’t rely on carbon stringers for it’s torsional rigidity.

    Glad I still have my 158 Highlife for resort riding, and I prob recommend against cutting up a Slack… especially if you’re worried about it becoming too noodley.

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    Good to see this discussion, I have two slack’s (’61 & ’64) and they’re my favorite boards of my quiver. stiff enough, rockered plenty, and the aggresive sidecut makes these things rip.

    I like that we’ve got a cumilative answer from members of this site and ride themselves. i was worried it would turn to a noodle.

    wouldn’t it be awesome if ride made a split slack? of late, i’ve been drooling over temple’s billygoat.

    i’ll never go back after riding the slackcountry in the resort though. it’s a fantastic deck for the cascades.

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    Got a bit more insight into cutting the Slack. I chatted with a guy at a local shop that does a TON of custom splits. Earlier this year he split a first gen Slackcountry for a buddy of his. In this process he found that the carbon stringers have some foam around the carbon stringers. Because of this he had to do some extra sealing around all the mounting holes.

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    Just curous to see if anyone has split a UL board yet?

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    I have split a Ride Society, with a fixed stance, and a Ride Prophet. I have been on the Ride Prophet for two full seasons as a split and I have had zero problems.

    Below a pic of the Ride Society split (Dynafits)

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    Just to let you know, we have a first Ride Slackcountry splitty :headbang:

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    @FaDe wrote:

    Just to let you know, we have a first Ride Slackcountry splitty :headbang:

    Haha, not quite! I had mine finished last March, but forgot to post it up here.

    Here’s the finished product:

    I actually got out on the board Thursday for a quick test drive….

    Board felt very good, doesn’t feel like it lost any stiffness or stability. Even rode out on a groomer back to base and felt just like it did before the cut. Skinned really well too. I’m definitely stoked on the board.

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    @jgusa wrote:

    Haha, not quite! I had mine finished last March, but forgot to post it up here.
    Board felt very good, doesn’t feel like it lost any stiffness or stability. Even rode out on a groomer back to base and felt just like it did before the cut. Skinned really well too. I’m definitely stoked on the board.

    Nice job, looks great :thumpsup:
    I am curious how the Highrize rocker will do while skinning on a hard or icy slope, it will take much of the skin surface off the ground, so there will be less contact surface between the skin and ground than on a cambered board.
    Let me know 😉
    By now I am not much into splitting my Slackcountry UL but would like to know how it behaves as a splitty, so pls. keep updates during the season 😉
    Have a nice winter on the Split Slackcountry :thumpsup:

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    I was wondering the same thing about the highrise rocker when I first cut the board. Being my very first attempt at skinning last Thursday, I stuck to some groomed tracks in a closed section of the resort just to get the hang of it. It hung in there pretty well considering the packed groomer up until I tried to go straight up a 30-35 degree track and started slipping. Probably didn’t have much to do with the rocker, more the angle I was trying to climb straight up without cutting back.

    I’d shy away from splitting the UL boards just because of the carbon array. The pre-UL Slack that I have doesn’t have the carbon array, just the carbon stringers tip to tail.

    I’ll keep this thread updated as I ride the board more and more.

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    Hey guys I just posted a review on my 2011/12 Slackcountry UL splitboard. Check it out here —>

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