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Home Forums DIY and Mods has anyone modded Spark IBEX crampons?

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    When I first started splitboarding I used the voile slider plates, and while I hated them, I loved the compatible voile crampons because they could work in two positions. One setting is where it is fixed to the bottom of the binding and another where it is unfixed and mainly travels in the same plane as the boards. But after 5 years of suffering with the plates, I updated to Spark bindings. A few months later I got the Ibex crampons but were sad to see that they do not completely mimic the voile crampons, as they only have one position, that is the unfixed position. While I am sure Spark has heard this complaint, and will eventually made a (whammy) mod, I am wondering if anyone else tinkered with modding the ibex on their own?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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