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    I’ve decided to take the plunge into the hard boot world. Picked up a pair of Arcteryx Proclines and have a question about sizing.

    I was fitted with a size 28 (coming from size 29 Deeluxe XVs) and am worried it might be too snug. When doing a shell fit test, i have about 1 cm space between heel and back of boot but when wearing the boots with liners, there is zero room anywhere. They aren’t necessarily uncomfortable, except for a small hot spot on the top of both feet when wearing around the house. They are just very snug and somewhat difficult to put on/take off. I’m wondering how that will play out after a long tour. It is worth noting that I haven’t thermomolded these yet. I never do this with my soft boots as i prefer to break in naturally. Should i reconsider this with hard boots?

    So what’s everyone’s take on hard boot sizing? Do you like a tight fit or would you rather have a bit of play?

    Thanks for any help or feedback!

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    In short they sound fine.

    Are you uncomfortable when you walk around is the key question? If not and they feel good walking, you are fine. You don’t want slop in the boot like a softboot, you want it to be supportive, similar to when you are buckled in on the down. I found my hardboots a bit snugger fitting than snowboard boots initially, but fit like supportive slippers on the way up. I buckle down 1-2 more buckle spots on the bottom for the down to make snugger, but keep loose enough to keep foot in place and not apply unnecessary pressure on the up. Before I did the phantom mods on my TLT’s if I was riding all day at a resort, my foot would cramp a bit due to the snugger fit over the top of the foot, but it was never a concern splitboarding. I think most shops fit for skiers erroring on smaller fit, but as long as your toes don’t hit, and you are comfortable walking, that is likely the right fit.

    And certainly heat mold them if you want to break them in faster. Otherwise I think it will take 5ish tours to fit to your foot (I have always molded). Also when heating, you can have them be a bit more aggressive than a skier in molding to free up some space, tell them to go 1 more tighter on the buckets than they would a skier if they are really tight.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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