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    I want to start a thread on general hard boot mods and the related binding setup to achieve preferred lean, lateral, stance, lift, cant… etc.

    Generally my past setup with soft boots and hard boots is as follows:
    *Back Binding:
    Agressive heel lift and medial can’t via one of the following:
    1. a canting disk mounted under the binding
    2. SideWinder TD3s canted medially
    3. SideWinder Split with canting strips between Voile plate and binding plate plus biased elastomers for medial flex bias

    *Front Binding
    Mounted level with less boot lean.

    *Boot Mods:
    1.Boots modded for neutral stance
    2.Previous boots had lean lock switch, just left the switch in walk mode on front boot.
    3.Front boot less forward lean the rear boot

    It seems to me that the lean mechanism should function with progressive forward resistance, and have a hard stop rearward. The only difference between the front and back would be the rearward lean angle stop. The front being more upright or lower angle then the rear boot.

    I am going to make some different lean lock mechanisms this summer to test this winter.
    I want to do all the mods in the boot and use the Phantom binding.

    Please let me know your thoughts!

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    Just trying to re-summarise and organize my thoughts for next season.

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    I use Phantom Bindings, they are way, way better than anything else for hard boots. I use 2.5 degree inward cants on both bindings, this approach results in a neutral stance on the board, as it compensates for the cant built into the cuff on the TLT5. The nice thing about relying on the cants to make the boot shaft neutral, is that one still gets the advantage of the built in boot shaft cant in ski mode.
    Otherwise I use a very small amount of heel lift on the rear foot (2-3 mm), this puts my rear knee just where I like it when I exert no force on the boot shaft, and also has the additional effect of slightly increasing the forward lean on the back foot.
    Stance width: 22″
    Angles: ~24 degrees front, ~6 degrees rear, these stances are the same I use for soft boots

    My boots flex very much like a stiffer soft boot (Driver X, Malamute, etc) but really flex a little better. I prefer a progressive forward flex, but believe this should come from natural boot flex resistance rather than a complex and heavy spring mechanism in the forward lean adjuster.

    I am happy with both ride and tour performance. Next years Phantoms (I have been on some protos) are going to offer some great improvements in ease of use, weight, reliability, and a little more flexible ride (just a little) with increased lateral medial flex, but the same toe to heel stiffness.

    So, so psyched with this set up. Happier than ever before, and the gear is disappearing to greater extent than ever. The goal is totally transparent gear which just allows the suspension of time and space, and the creative riding abilities to emerge unfettered by any equipment restraints.

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