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    Since today I am a hardboot rider! I tried my new TLT5-Dynafit Radical Setup and it works pretty well. Of course I`ll have to optimize some things of the setup to have the perfect feeling during the next trips, but first impressions are great.

    Everyone knows that ascending is just easier, safer and better (including kicking steps) but I think also descending is better, of course different. The board reacts more directly and faster, worse for making mistakes ;-( . One needs less power compared to riding softboots and it`s also easier to get the nose out of the powder, no digging anymore. I think it also might be possible to ride longer boards because of that. I also prefer the crampons of Dynafit (130mm), they are lighter and more reliable than the one of Spark.

    if anyone is interest here`s another video for hardboot doubters



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    Mansi, you lucky bastard!
    (lucky both in terms of boot fitting as well as the conditions of this tour…!)

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    Hey, the 80’s called, they want their jacket back…


    But seriously, looks like some nice terrain. I’d like to try it in my softboots… 🙂

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    the 80s are back :thumpsup: you can rock anything when you ride with style

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    @russman wrote:

    I will still point out however, that his lower extremity range of motion looked very limited. His knees and ankles barely bend! Every single turn was initiated from the hips, and he didn’t create any small radius turns… It was like every turn was conducted perfectly, but only after it came out of the computer program. I’m not sold on hardboots!!

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    …I was born in the 80ies so I must be colorful, but it`s also aspect of safety and individuality

    I don`t understand the qoute of Russman, does it refer to me? If: I for my part think that I ride too small radius turns compared to others and that I mostly ride a carving turn also in powder with an unusual low back knee??? I also notice that I have to do more balancing with my back hand, when I ride with the camera stick in my front head, normally I ride hands down. That refers to my softboot riding, my hardbootriding is just 2 days old and is in progress 😉

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    Russman is referring to the original video in this thread. He’s correct too. It’s physically impossible to be as dynamic, creative, quick, and fluid (not to mention steezy) in hardboots vs softboots. That’s purely based on physics and biomechanics, not opinion.

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    Unfortunately we can’t see your lower body in your video at all, Mansi :scratch: !

    After much research, experimentation and consideration, I have decided adulthood is not for me. Thank you for the opportunity.

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    @Schwalbster the camera stick is too short, maybe that`s better at the moment

    I know that is possible just to make even short turns only by moving one`s knees and ankles and to keep the rest of the body stable even with hardboots but at the moment it works only in powder, in “Bruchharsch” (hardpacked snow that breaks when getting on the edges) I´ve to act more up and down to get away from the edge. I think one has to ride more exactly if using hardboots, so I`ve to improve my riding once again, and I`m trying every single day.

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    I rode last week with WhistlerMaverick aka Jay and can testify that in hard boots depending on your ability and obviously your set up,you can shred hard,do very quick turns and overall made me think twice about it.
    I too saw Joeys video and thought he was a bit laboured in setting up a turn but Jay knows what’s up :bananas:

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    My name is Markus and I was a hard boot doubter… 😆

    Keffler gave me the run down on his Phantom bindings last weekend and I was seriously impressed, nice work man! I really don’t think you can go wrong with the Dynafit toe piece, John and Alister crushed the side-hilling that’s for sure.

    Seems to me the right “hardboot” set-up almost eliminates many of the potentially inefficiencies of splitboarding in soft boots. I could seriously see myself rocking some fruit boots at some point :rock:

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    Uh oh… Markus, welcome into the light, hahaha!

    Good to meet ya. BTW, were you rockin’ Scarpa Rush boots? If so, the TLT5 has way more flex than those…

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