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    Unmodified TLT5’s with Voile Mtn Plate Bindings.

    Getting tweaked!

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    @DynaSplit wrote:

    Unmodified TLT5’s with Voile Mtn Plate Bindings.

    Getting tweaked!

    Nice Dynasplit! In the backcountry with a pack on no less.

    I rode the softy’s again yesterday just to make sure i wasn’t drinking too much Phantom/Dynafit cool aid. Nope, definitely prefer the Phantoms. Love that NS board, thought to myself- if i like the NS solid as much w the Phantom’s compared to the Burton bindings then I am converted. yep converted.

    I should call the snowboard hall of fame, make sure Keffler has spot in the history books

    CTG, where you at? i figured you would have a rad shot on those phantoms to share. come on guys, let’s keep posting some airs w style

    Vail pipe on the Phantoms1-16-14 by travis young 424, on Flickr

    Fast and smooth

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    @Travis Young wrote:

    let’s keep posting some airs w style

    Travis, I think your photo takes the cake! No more needed! 1st prize has been claimed! :headbang:

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    DANG Travis!!!! it took some slope style I see but you DEFINETLY take the style cake. and in the pipe no less. :scratch: !!!! I had about ten days on the phantoms and although they seemed really legit in most aspects I did not find them very helpful in reaching for grabs and tweaks. I do want to try them again.

    nice work travis like the title says–airs with style- now back to the backcountry Travis ! show me some cliff grabs-

    nice AIR dynasplit! that is what this thread is about- not laying turns with style. :nononno:

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    I appreciate the kind words Travis, but Phantom would never have come about if not for all the other inventors making splitboard bindings and boards along with lots of input from splitboarders around the globe providing me feedback on this niche set up so I can make it how you and I want it.

    I’m just glad there are enough other crazys out there so I can keep making them better and better along with coming up with more gear unique to our needs.

    Big thanks to those that have supported this effort and looking forward to showing off some more items to come. Meanwhile, I think it’s fair to say that no matter what you want to ride, a set of modified AT boots and Phantoms work just fine.

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    Can you tell what boots/bindings Darcy’s riding?


    I wish I could have gotten a few of Darcy’s sweet butters on film too. Next time.

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    UH OH, here we go again… Keffler, that is a “Frontside Straight Air” 😆

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    can you say bump! ? bringing this thread back from the dead because for me, I like to catch some air, and despite what some have said I think it is perfectly acceptable to do so even in the backcountry..

    now show me some grabs!

    and commence the shit talking about jumping in the backcountry… HAHAHAHAhAha shutit

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    Nobody doing airs in hardboots anymore?

    Same shitty grab, different board and continent:

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