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    I have been trying to find a Grivel Condor for a couple years now and I walked into my local shop and there the 3 piece was for sale. They have entered back into the US markets as pretty much the same pole that was available years ago. If you want to get your hands on one call Orions Sports in Kodiak, AK. (907) 486-8380. I love the Grivel Condor as an aid for climbing and self-arrests in case you dont have your ice axe in hand.
    You can see below that it is a twist lock vs flip lock. I would prefer a flip lock but it appears to be a copyright issue that forces them to do the twist lock.

    The one thing to be warned about is that the main screw can be lost if you arent paying attention. This screw is what allows the blade to fold in or out. If it backs out, you cant keep the blade in position. Just checking it from time to time will ensure it doesnt get lost.

    I do have to say that this pole is just great. I have been waiting a long time for this to come back to the USA and I am not disappointed in any way. Go pick one up and give it a try…. its a great piece of equipment!

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    My dad took a few snowboard trips to Kodiak a while back and had great things to say about Orion’s.

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    sweet – I was looking for one a while back and couldn’t find any state-side. i ended up with a whippit that i picked up pretty cheap, but the condor, with it’s retractable blade, seems like the best option to me…

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