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    Allright I just bought some Scarpa Denali TT’s for 300.00 new at EMS. Are the Bomber TD2 bindings my best bet? Im eager to get em and start hardbooting. Does anyone know if these are available in the denver boulder area or do I have to buy them online?

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    Here is a pic of the boots……………

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    anyone use Bomber splitboard bindings? If so, do you wish you had the adjustable cant feature?


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    TD2s won’t really work on a splitboard… you would be lifted waaaaaay too high off of the board.

    The Bomber, Splitboard Bindings will work. However, you won’t have any cant or lift. One way to overcome this is by making canting shims to put underneath the slider pucks.

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    i ride my bomber split bindings ‘flat’, no shims. i have not discovered the need for shims and cants. maybe because i’m running relatively low angles…15 back, 25 up front.

    i ran a velcro strap underneath the toe section of my bomber plates, which i wrap around the toe bales when i’m clipped, keeps the bales from opening in deep/heavy snow.

    i can post a pic if you want to check it out.


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    thanks guys, Im a newbie to this setup so I dont know much.

    whats the preferred material for the shims?

    Scott, Id love to see pics. What kind of boots are you riding. Mine are fairly stiff. On my non split board I ride 0 and 15 for angles. How tall are you? Im 6’2.

    Also how big are the edges on the front/back of your boots. (Im wondering if my boots will still fit the bomber split bindings with the added thickness of the Vibram soles. I want to make sure they are compatible so I wont accidently rotate out 😯 ) I guess I could just call bomber.

    Thanks for the help guys.( im still learning how to use the search function 🙄 )


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    Whats are shims and cants? please show some pictures. I have the bomber splitboard bindings and I just mounted them to the slider plate and have not had any trouble

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