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    The moon was smiling
    Skies were clear
    Temps were in the teens as I gathered my gear

    No need to break trail
    That job was done
    Getting me closer to those peaks in the sun

    Powder Bowl

    Crystal Peak

    Tunes cranked up high
    On their tracks I skinned
    As cats drove by their operators grinned

    Finally at the top
    Ready to start my run
    Carving 2-3 feet of powder to myself under the sun

    Green Valley


    It was deep
    Alot of times I couldn’t see
    With all the powder and sluff flying around me

    Once at the bottom
    I looked back up at my tracks
    To find it most taken out by sluff which was wack

    Back to skinning
    The top only a 1000 or so away
    Then came Carl, Tera and Nate somewhere halfway

    To Upper E we marched
    There was no time for break
    First tracks down before its too late


    Camera for some pics
    Whose gonna wait
    Not Carl but got one of Tera and a few more of Nate



    Nate again

    And again

    Back up the frontside
    It didn’t take long
    Cat track to cat track you couldn’t go wrong

    Damn this is fun
    The best day of the year
    But the mountains not even open though its near

    The lifts were cranking
    But hills void
    Of the 1000 locals which can be hard to avoid

    Upper E once again
    A top to bottom for the last
    Reflecting with a grin on an epic day that has just past

    Lower Bull

    Other notes worth mentioning…

    Sluff management. Board cut in the morning released at least a foot plus of sluff that ran 100ft or so skier/boarders right of Rex and gained momentum with the steepness of the terrain. Skiers left of Rex also had some point releases that covered some sections of the cat track. Especially around the Breakover vicinity. Sunnyside over to Iceberg was money. The snowpack on Upper E was bomber after ski/board cuts produced very little. Taking what I observed and comparing it with the telemetry was interesting this morning.

    By days end patrol was bombing the areas accessed off 6. Sounded like Powder Bowl.

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    Looks $$$.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Very Nice!!!! What resort is that?

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    p420 its Crystal Mt.

    Dude pass it on already.


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    Dude, When was that? 😕
    Sick Day!! 😯

    Iridepow, I”ll always refer to you as iriepow.


    Rico in AZ
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    Really nice! Maybe a haiku next time?

    I also love to poach the resorts before they unleash the masses 8)

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    Great job snoslut, you’ll have to put your Rainier advice for guys from out of town to verse next.

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    Ah ha ha sooo sick!! Thanks for the pics!!!!


    Hey SLUT

    that first pic brings back good memories of gettin loose thru a chute in the rockband my first trip to Crystal. There is some sick riding there. Too bad there is so much f***n traversing you have to do on a board at that resort.

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