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    Heading into spring touring and exploring season I am looking at maps and planning and scheming. I have this annoying feeling that I am not getting as much out of Google Earth as I should be. The basics are pretty easy, but I know that different users have developed some amazing add ons for it and was curious if anyone here knew of cool features/downloads.

    Any tricks for using Google Earth for multiday trip planning? Maximizing image resolution? GPS integration? Printing out key route beta?



    Here are a couple of Sierra favorites.

    From BGNight

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    I have been thinking the same. If I get another GPS (mine just stopped working) I would like to chart and even save my trip records and all data. Early this year I saw a few routes that appeared on the TR forum that integrated routes, elevation, coordinates and such onto google earth.

    I’m gonna implicate jcocci as someone I saw with a great google earth trip report. Search the TR forum for his posts, back a few months and check it out. If that is the type of stuff you are talking about then you know who you can contact.

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    I don’t use google earth for my gps. I have a National Geographic topo program for Washington state. I use that to upload from and download to my gps. I also have some garmin software, but I don’t use that much.

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    jcocci, my bad, I just remember one of your TRs and it had some great trip data. Now that you clarify, I remember you saying it was NG. Sorry to dime you out in vain.

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