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    Timberline, Mt. Hood, OR – Sept. 16, 2006

    Okay so we cheated and used the lifts. But we did do a little hiking once things got tracked out.

    Waking up in the morning…

    As we uploaded the sign read 6” new with 32” drifts. 😈

    Didn’t take long for the easy access stuff to get tracked out though.

    Short hikes would lead to gems like this one…

    Once that got tracked out, like a run later, we opted to brave the chocolate chip field.

    Bluebird for now…

    For the most part we nailed it when it came down to timing. The clouds were in and out all day and would always seem to part as we started our run. Which was convenient to say the least. Navigating thru the chocolate chip field with bad vis would have spelled certain doom. By 12:30 or so our windows for visibility were diminishing. After a few blind runs we bailed but not before stopping by the Mt Hood Brewery.

    Sure glad I brought the rock/pow board. Some rocks were hit but no cores. Haven’t looked at the edges yet though.

    Nothing like a some freshies to get outta that summer phunk. Sorry no action shots. Seems like everytime I would get ready the clouds would start coming in or someone or group would snake your line.

    On the drive home B busted out the dvd player. Watching Chapelle’s show took the sting of traffic in the rain away. Especially after the 2006 Race Draft started. And some of the results: Blacks – Tiger Woods; Asians – Wu Tang Clan; Jews – Lenny Kravitz; Whites – Colin Powell. I laughed so much I lost my appetite.

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    Good stuff snoslut!

    Stoked for you and jealous for sure. 🙂

    Gotta love the Chapelle Show too!

    Ps. All this snow and you guys crossed each other’s tracks? 😉

    Puff Nattie
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    Yeah snoslut.

    Conditions look a lot better than a month ago at the slush cup.


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    Ps. All this snow and you guys crossed each other’s tracks?

    Yeah yeah I know bcr. Na my buds were worried about hitting a rock. And he jinxed himself. On the last run he broke his finger and used a lighter for a splint. Another bad choice of course. 🙄

    The new snow was just a teaser. Crap its all melting by this weekend.

    Time to kick back and enjoy some Samuel L. Jackson Lager. 😆

    Nice pic Puff Nattie. That blow up doll in the background got alot of action that day. Here’s the viddy that Phil put together.

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