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    Hey –

    I just wanted to publicly say good luck to my buddy Dan, who is leaving in a couple days to do a solo Sierra crest tour. He’s a (insert Dr. Evil finger quote marks) “telemarker”, but we won’t hold that against him right?! 🙂

    In his own words:

    My nominal goal is to ski along the Sierra crest from Matterhorn peak to Mt Whitney. The route generally follows the John Muir trail, deviating in places to follow routes with higher altitude and better snow. I will leave one cache south of mammoth at Ruby lake, off of the Rock creek trail head.

    I will be following the route laid out in John Moynier’s “Backcountry Skiing California’s High Sierra”, with the following exceptions:

    1. I will be traveling north to south, as opposed to south to north as described in the book.
    2. I will be piecing together the 7 sections of the crest trail that Moynier divides the route into. The continuation from one route to another is relatively obvious.
    3. I will be starting at Matterhorn pk (Moynier does not include this) and ending at Whitney portal (Moynier’s route begins further south at Horshoe Meadows).

    Talk about hardcore! Good luck Dan. I have no chance of keeping up with you when you get back from this… And if anyone here happens to run into a rad telemarker that you can’t keep up with, say hi.

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    Right on Dan! Sounds peaceful, exciting, ambitious, character building and lonely all at the same time – a perfect adventure.

    I’ve got to say if I ever get the nads and rope to try this trip, I think I would tend to agree with Moynier about going from South to North. Two reasons being: 1. All of the descents would be on North Facing lines, 2. the wind and sun wouldn’t be in your face as much.

    …… I write this from a cushy chair in a 68 degree house with a bathroom right around the corner.

    Good luck to Dan.

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    Good luck Dan!!!

    dont forget to post a TR too! 😀

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    Yeah! Good luck Dan!

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    Dan just called me with what must be the last juice in the battery of the satellite phone he rented for the trip. He’s on the summit of Mt. Whitney right now, and is about to ski down. He made his goal!! He said the views are incredible, and it’s a bluebird day. This is the 22nd day of his solo Sierra crest tour. Un-freakin’-believable! 😯 The man is a stud.

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    That is an impressive trip. I imagine he hardly saw anyone. If Dan can post a report that would be an extremely interesting read. Congrats.

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    very impressive.

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    Awesome! 😀

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