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    The only thing better than skiing is getting paid to ski.

    While I technically don’t get paid to ski anymore, the next best thing is skiing a paid work holiday. Good Friday is a holiday the stock market observes so it was game on.

    I assembled a crew of my old buddy yoda and ryan… a first time splitboarder.

    We were on the trail and it took all of 5 minutes before Ryan was saying how nice it was to be gliding on skins instead of tromping on snowshoes. Another convert…my job is done! 🙂

    Ryan nearing the top of Echo Peak. He had a little trouble with the switchbacks and used skin tip #6 (step off the track) from time to time.

    On the top of the ridge we could see some natural releases on the Talking Mounting/Ralston ridge.

    A big one on Baldy.

    And another on Ralston proper.

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    From Echo Peak we headed over to the Halls chutes for a gander. They were $$$! The last storm coated them with a new blanket of light (non wind effected pow). I gave the homies freshies since it was there first time there. Yoda went first and ripped it clean.

    Ryan went next and did well considering this is only his 2nd or 3rd year riding.

    Our lines

    We headed for the ascent ridge and I got a few more shots.



    Transition time.

    I dug a pit to see what the snow was doing on this side of the mountain and found about 3ft of new snow bonding well to the old layer. You gotta love the Cali storms that start warm and finish cold. 🙂

    Yoda skinning out of the bowl.

    Back on Echo Peak we chilled for a bit.

    And took in the view.

    I also asked Ryan to strike a pose on the wind effected snow with the nice backdrop.

    It was a sweet day and waaaaaaaaaaay better than being at work. Best of all…I got paid by the man. 🙂

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    That avalanche near the valley floor is a good wakeup call. I forgot to take pictures of that one and the baldy slide last saturday.

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    Sweet pics on the trip report. Thanks for posting the fracture pics as they are always helpful. That same day we did Becker and Talking mountain and we set a small slab of abot 50′ wide by 2′ thick loose on the north tree line of Talking. Althouh I don’t have any pics of the slab, it occured up and left of your picture showing the lower fracture on Talking Mtn.

    We used safe travel techniques and assesment and made good choices but still let loose a small one. I have included a couple pics of the route below.

    View of Talking Mountain East side from the top of Becker Peak. The line we took off of the top of Talking follows the tree line and then breaks over to the north side

    Looking down the north tree line, we dropped in here and the slidel broke loose at the right side of the picture.

    Looking down the NE face of Becker.


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    Cool pics mountainvoodoo! 8)

    I think I saw what was your group from the ridge.

    Here is a similar pic of Talking Mountain from October. Its interesting to compare the coverage.

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    Nice pics! What a difference a day makes, looks like the powder was even more amazing than Sat.

    Mountain Freak
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    Awesome, I work in financial services and had Friday off too! Got to love it when the market is closed.

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    @Mountain Freak wrote:

    Got to love it when the market is closed.


    and why don’t they observe Veteran’s Day?! 👿

    andy m
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    Nice TR bcrider – I gotta get out to California sometime soon. And I need to come over to this site more often to see what you’ve been up to.

    BTW, you’ll be happy to hear that every time I hear that Green Day song now I think of your video!

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    Hi andy m!

    Good to see you stop by. 🙂

    Ps. feel free to post your TRs here too. take care!

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