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    Well the crazy mountains that is. Bridgerhippy, Whit, and I finally got our butts in gear and got out ot enjoy some beautiful spring conditions. We decided to head into the crazies to a place I had been only once before. It was also going to be trekker’s first skiing trip. We ended up getiing out late on friday and camping at the trailhead which has some nice sites and there was only one other person camped there.

    Rolling out of for the trailhead

    it was around a mile till we hit snow

    but the river helps keep you distracted

    whit skinning up

    trekker enjoying his first time out

    chillin at the lake

    this was to be the original objective but we got beast to it by a lone splitboarder who we didn’t get a chance to talk to. Another group also attempted the same thing and later said it wasn’t great snow conditions.

    BH sknning towards the ridge, we stopped short of the ridge due to time ans skied the wide gully far left

    some views: Big Timber Canyon

    looking around

    Whit getting some creamy goodness

    LLS and ghost

    some others had mentioned a large slide that went off on their way in and this is what we saw when we were heading out. This is the same place they were talking about, but the rest of the slab went as we were skiing by.

    This gives better scale(props to BH for getting his camera out quick)

    I think there is a reason why they call them the crazies. Last year my friend was in a bivy next to my tent and kicked a porcupine, then we return to our hiking boot stash and find our boots eaten up and one of Whit’s shoes missing. Thankfully ghost found the other shoe or Whit would’ve looked a little funny hiking out in down booties.

    It was a great trip during full moon, but the moon wasn’t able to penetrate the basin we were camped in. I think trekker had a good first trip by the looks of this pic.

    On a side note I said to BH, “I wonder who that splitboarder was?” I even mentioned it might be Lewmt. Anyways nice job on that couloir, how tight does that pinch get etc?

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    Sorry about waking you guys up that morn. 😳 Didn’t even see the tents until my dog was getting wound up already.

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    I thought that might have been you. No worries we were in full lazy spring mode. The other group said that the snow sucked up there, what did you think? We hit great corn/mashed taters snow where we ended up.

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    The narrowest part of the couloir was really firm. It was maybe 3 quick hop-turns to get through that part. Think I woulda ridden it better if it woulda been a little softer – next time. Otherwise it was decent corn – not sure why those skiers thought it sucked. I think they were just far enough behind me to go knee deep on some of the more exposed part of the bootpack up – where the sun had softened it enough, so they turned around early. i was waiting for them before I jumped in. I think that avy they saw on the way in spooked em pretty good too. What a beautiful day that was. Even at ridgeline there wasn’t a breath of wind.

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    looks like a very nice place and a good day of backcountry riding….thanks for posting the pics! i really enjoy the pic of that slab breaking off the rock. do you know what aspect that was?

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    Nice pics looks like fun, Tracker is lucky to have a wiley veteran in Ghost to learn from.

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    Sweet, killer pics! Amazing setting! Big Timber is one of the sickest creek runs in North America for you kayakers.

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    Funny how Trekker’s first trip was to the Crazies?!? Looks like the mountains may have worn off on him. 😆 Lucky dog!!!

    Awesome trip.

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    Yeah… I think Trekker deserves a cross-post here.

    What a heartbreaker!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    Crazies are still looking good. Nice TR! Maybe we’ll all have to meet up there in the next few weeks…

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