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    ok I know this sort of off-tangent to splitboarding, but I’m having problems with my old Oakley goggles fogging up, and am looking to pick up some new ones. Curious to hear what people here are using.


    I’ve been real happy with my Wisdoms (black Iridium lenses) for the last few years, and I keep a spare set of A-Frames(blue Iridium lenses) in my pack that I like exept for the way they are vented(air blows up across your eyes). Ther’s also a set of Smith Regulators in the car with an amber lens that work great in low/flat light conditions.


    I have some Smith Prodigy goggles. Best goggles I’ve ever owned, hands down. I have always had fogging issues because I generate alot of heat but these goggles have never fogged up on me.


    I’ve used Anon goggles for the last 4 years, before that I used Oakley goggles for 5 years, before that I used whatever I could find in the lost and found bucket.

    Oakley makes the most “opticallyâ€Â


    oakley A frame, it’s the only way to fly.

    optically correct, awesome
    front vents, been in them for 5th season now, really nice. replaced the persimmon (orange-y) lens twice tho, tree runs, branches scratch , who knew!

    thus, I dont go for the iridium, el expensivo lenses.


    my $50 Scotts rock… just retired my old pair that had two cracks down the lense and was missing half the foam but they still worked great and hardly fogged up unless i breathed, so now i never breathe…


    Oakley’s are pretty good and so are Anon and pretty much anything else out their. For the most part they are all going to fog up in similar conditions (in my experience). If you are hiking with them on your head your pretty much done. But if I had a choice today I would go with Zeal’s. Although I have never worn them. But they do have something in a somewhat inexpensive price (comparing a pair of Oakleys) that no one else has, PhotoCramatic lenses (the ones that change with the amount of light). Its awesome to be able to change lenses for the right conditions by now you don’t even have to by another pair of lenses. Their is a write up on them at

    Also when buying your new pair I would look at the cost of other lenses. Oakley’s seem to be twice as much as many of their counterparts in that area.


    Got Magic? Check out the Holy Grail of goggles


    one thing to check is do they keep the sun out – we had a huge problem getting “sunny goggles” – less of a problem if you use “sunnies when you hike” then just put gogles on for the riding – most goggles are shit for sun as they are designed for flat light / poor vis – it took use ages to get some with high protection factor… now who is being a booring anorak? ❗

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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