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    Just got this setup for the season. Ill holla at ya sistas about how it goes for me!



    Looking forward to it 🙂

    Matt Wood

    SHHHHH! Don’t tell my Wife but I just ordered her 2, one for inbounds and I’ll cut the other. She better be stoked Christmas morning. Looking forward to your review.


    Yea Molly! I can’t wait to take the train out to ride with you this year! Did you get your board yet? Get out there and just do some easy laps wherever there is a little slice of snow, you’ll be glad you did when the season is in full swing.


    SO! I just have to say that I love this set-up so far! I was afraid that the karakoram heel lock would get clogged with snow or be hard to close (I had trouble closing it in my house when I was putting the board together) but for some reason it worked out fine and was smooth as BUTTA in the backcountry!

    We did a couple of laps on Pauls Ridge in Squamish at Diamond Head. Riding the bpro split was AMAZING its so much lighter than my regular board. Maneuvering it felt effortless… I kinda feel like I would rather ride this at the resort over my old barrett christy…

    ANY other questions? askkk meee :headbang:


    I found last years bpro at rei for a great deal and bit the bullet on buying a new board! I switched all my hardwear over to the bpro and trimmed my old skins down just a touch.

    I couldn’t be happier. I haven’t noticed any ill effect skinning on the bpro. I have been in great conditions this season but even on the small icy sections I’ve felt as solid as I did on my venture.

    What this board has going for it is how snappy the turns feel and responsive it is compared to my old splitboard. I’m riding the 152.

    I ride a bpro from a few season ago inbounds and really like the camber/ rocker profile of it. I remember when I first got the bpro I was kind of thrown off by switching from traditional camber.

    After riding this board I would really recommend it to anyone, especially someone who is familiar with gnu and the camber/ rocker profiles they make. I think that one of the best things to keep in mind if you are looking to get into splitboarding is that you find a board that is much like what you ride in bounds. You spend so much time working to get to the top of a line splitboarding that if you are familiar with the downhill ride you are going to be much happier then if you find your new board rides very differently then you are used to. For me this meant getting my hands on the bpro. So happy I did!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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