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    Anyone have any experience with a GNU Billygoat? I found a great deal so went ahead and purchased a 162.

    I’m particularly interested in hearing how this board fares on the uptrack given the rocker/camber profile and rocker under the feet.

    Thanks in advance

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    It’s good. Not to be an ass but since you bought it you’ll find out for yourself soon enough.

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    I just bought a new solid Billygoat. Looking forward to finding out how it rides too. Wait that wasn’t helpful at all, was it?


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    There were a couple shops around flogging split goats for up to 50% off, so I picked one up myself. Just dyin’ to try it now!

    Where’d you buy yours from?

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    I bought a standard Billy Goat several years ago and loved the way it rode so much that I bought a split version that I’ve been using for a couple of years now. I`m a fan of RC splitboards because I personally enjoy the playful feel of RC. The Billy Goat is a very agile board (both the standard and split) and is stiff and damp. This is great for the PNW conditions that I ride. You will of course notice that pretty much any RC split can have some traction issues when skinning in some conditions compared to traditional camber and the Billy Goat is no exception although I have not found it to be terrible or unmanageable.

    The main thing I have found is that you just have be sure to keep your body more upright and not lean into the hill. This is tru for all skinning, but is more critical on the RC. The Billy Goat`s agility can be a challenge on an icy traverse when skinning in that it naturally wants to pivot. This makes it very prone to the tip or tail slipping down the fall line so setting your edge is definitely more critical than traditional camber.

    Overall, its a super fun split and any of these traction issues are manageable and not a huge detriment to the overall performance of the board in my personal opinion.

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    ive put 20+ days on my split this year and its dopppe

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