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    I was reading about clip skins, wondering if anyone has tried some of these things and how they hold up. Seems like a decent idea if they work as well.


    I was touring today and met a guy using glueless skins, he called them “geckos” or something like that. totally blew my mind…

    anyway he said they came from norway and cant find them anywhere anymore. great concept though!

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    After reading this post I happened onto their website:

    Doesn’t provide much info on how they work though…

    EDIT: lol they claim a usable temperature range of -70C-250C

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    I spoke to the US distributor rep (can’t remember his name) when I was shopping for skins. He said they have a splitboard skin solution, but pointed out there was not much product in the states and they were just getting started here. He was supposed to put me in contact with a west coast Tahoe-based rep but never did and that was that. I wasn’t really willing to be a guinea pig for the skins, especially because they were planning to sell them at a premium to even the tractor skins ~$190 was what he quoted me.

    If I remember maybe I’ll swing by their offices when I go to VT in March to take a look-see, but for now I’d wait to see some US based reviews on them.

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    Yeah I think I will let some other people demo these for a while before I ever try them out. Im broke enough without trying things that may not work so well, and cost more. But seems like a decent idea, hopefully they are good.

    Good to know they will work to -70, thats handy when your dead :thumbsup:

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    There’s this too:
    There’s a post on ttips about them.

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