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    Dakine Blockade

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    PSA: There are tons of gloves on The Clymb right now, even if the only sizes left are XS and XL. They’ve got stuff from BD, Dakine, and OR, among others.

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    Keff check these out. I got the Tough Guy. work great and you cant beat the price!

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    I’ve used these all last season for touring, and love them. Generally, unless it is <15 degrees, I just keep these on all day, and my hands are good. Grip is good, and I can do everything except operate a smart phone. They aren't waterproof, which is one downfall if it is dumping wet snow. But most of the time, I'm good to go, same gloves all day. I would not wear them at a resort, not warm enough, but touring, super.

    If you care I wear those gloves, Mountain Hardware Kepler jacket (different base layer depending the temps), Westcomb Event pants. I think its pretty dialed for me. 80% of the time, I don’t change a layer. I’ve had all on for super deep days and never changed a layer once, and was comfortable on all the climbs. That’s a huge thing in my mind, its 2/3 of your transition time right there.

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    Bangs for bucks the trusty Kinco 94HK or Kinco 901 are hard to beat.

    I waterproof mine very effectively with Lanolin (sheep wool grease) spray , several coats, so its soaked in to the seams and joints.

    They are cheap, durable, warm and can be used with inner wool/polyprob thin gloves too for extra comfort in cold conditions.

    Not the most supple on cold days till they are broken in a bit, but with an inner on you can always slip the glove off to lace up or tweak something without getting too cold.


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    Been wearing these light XC ski gloves from MEC for the up this season and loving them. The price is definitely right too!

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    these work for me

    just for full disclosure, my experience is that I’m going to get wet on the way up anyway. Pack a dry base layer and dry gloves for the way down

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    I have a pair of Burton AK gloves that are all leather, very lightly insulated (fleece lined) with no waterproof barrier. I want to say they are the AK Clutch or Guide glove but I really don’t remember. Every year I expect to blow out a seam and every year they continue to perform exactly as I expect them too. They soak up a bit of water but if I get cold then I switch to a heavier pair of gloves. In the spring and summer if I’m touring then it’s in mountain bike gloves. If I go bare handed too long I get a blister between my thumb and index finger.

    If my Burton gloves die then I’ll replace them with a pair of Kincos like these:

    I have no idea how that seller is, it’s just the first link I found for the ones that I see the patrollers and avy instructors wearing around here.

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    marmot evolution gloves

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    Been using OR Vert gloves for approaches for years now… really like them. Just wish they were fully waterproof, but they probably wouldn’t breathe as well.

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    @chrishami wrote:

    @acopafeel wrote:

    my local shop sells these BD liners for $10 every yr, during the month of Dec.

    I usually pick up 2 each year and burn through them, in time for the next year’s sale.

    I love them – for everything!

    I’ve got the heavier fleece liners, so far I’m loving them, about 3 days skinning with them and I’ve started wearing them in the resort too:

    I did pay 35 bucks and now I’m thinking for the same price the Marmot work gloves might have been a better deal. We’ll see how long these last.

    Well, my Black Diamond fleece gloves blew out along the index finger seam. I just got the Sierra Designs Bookie to replace them. So far they seem to be durable if not quite as warm as the BD gloves.

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    Coming from the Wasatch I used wind breaker fleece/polar tech BD gloves (~$45) but would go through them b/c they get torn up during transition. When I moved to PNW the gloves were wet by the end of the up track, and being lazy I would just suck it up until lap 2 or 3 b/c I didnt want to put on my heavy duty gloves. This year I bought the Spring gloves by REI for $50 and have really enjoyed them. I have about 15 days with them, and found that they are waterproof and if you dont synch them down they breath well. In fact, for 1/2 day tours you probably won’t need to switch gloves at all unless it is really cold.

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    100+ days a year working at the resort and free-riding, I like the Kinco 1927s for anything between about 40 and 5 degrees; warmer and you don’t need gloves, colder and it’s some old Marmot puffy trigger-finger mitts. The Kincos seem OK heading up, I just take them off and put them on periodically. Waterproofed with SnoSeal, then neat’s-foot oil, then SnoSeal again. Pretty much the same as the Flylow Tough Guys, but I can get 2-3 pairs for the same price and I like the open cuff instead of the knit for easy on and off.

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