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    A friend and i decided to check out the Mt. Ellis area on tuesday after the snow arrived. 😀 It was an amazing day and the snow was perfect. We ended up only getting about half way to where we wanted to. Just goes to show that snowshoes really are a disadvantage… Snow was great though, and the few turns i got in were worth it. But when the snow’s up to your waist at points who’s going to complain…

    Getting ready at the car

    Kelly crossing the first of many creek crossings

    Hottysplit skinning up

    Stopping for a break

    Look back down the trail

    Where we ended up coming out at. Became a bit too flat towards the bottom. Lots of wallowing for all.

    A look at my line coming out the bottom

    All in all it was a great day. Good snow and good company.

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    8) right on…can’t beat fresh snow!

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    You go gurlz! Love to see you representin’.

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    Did you make it to the saddle? Those trees are east coast tight. Way to enjoy the new snow, wish I could’ve made it out this week.


    We were right in that area. It looks like the trees are tight everywhere up there for the most part. We found a few small openings but that’s about it. It would have been better had we made it all the way up. I was quite dissapointed since the snow was amazing.

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    You go girls!

    Way to get after it! 🙂

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    Ya, baaby!

    We need to get some more ladies out into the bc…and more often. I like to see the chicks out there with nothing holding them back…

    Many of my bros feel the same as me, in fact, right now I know SFB is slowly building a harem 😛


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    That is SOOO cool! Can’t wait to do some bc again.

    SFB, keep me on that list . . . my schedule is open after May 7-8 . . .

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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