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    So, I only started this topic separate so it would not cut into Roughty’s topic, I totally respect what he’s doing and his thread was inspirational for me. I had bought a set of Spark’s and when I had the spare Voile plates I began thinking about a DIY binder that would use the Voile plates and an alloy base binding. It was through that search that I found only a few months ago.

    The mission was to take my spare splitstuff and make something I would loan to a friend that would “hook em”. So began the Frankenbinding. I have to thank a friend at RIDE for raiding the junk bin to get me parts to keep this project going, THAN-Q!

    I DO NOT want to weld your bindings. I’m just sharing. Contact Roughty for his, they look better with toe ramps and pivots. Ghetto Split, as I am calling this total project, was all about my first DIY board and all that goes with it, and it’s supposed to be dirt cheap. I will only use my own hands to create it and barter for what I cannot do.

    Here’s what I’ve done so far:

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    Cool – and not so ghetto, imo

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    Chimp: You’re way too modest. That’s a clean, simple and elegant design–nothing ghetto about it. Great work.


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    I learned a valuable lesson in this process though, which still makes these beauties a little ghetto. The Voile plates warped a little during welding making the bindings incompatible with the pucks on my current set up. I had hoped that the bindings could be universal and could serve as back ups in the odd case that my Sparks let go. I can grind down the pucks to accept these bindings as well, it’s just a little bit of material, but I don’t want for it to affect the interface with the Sparks which is solid right now.

    This means I will now make my own pucks or customize a set of DIY pucks to accept the slightly narrower channel. My original plan was to modify or create a puck system that could run a 15degree angle on the front foot both goofy and regular. This way I can loan the Ghetto Split to my friends so they may experience Spiltting too. Most of my friends are regular.

    Has anyone seen/designed a front foot puck that can go both ways? AC/DC? HAHA! I’ve scribbled one on a napkin, that’s about as far as I’ve gone.

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    PM sent

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    Why hasn’t Spark R&D offered base plates to mount onto solid boards? My favorite thing about split bindings are the fact that they work on multiple boards in the quiver and always have the same feeling/comfort/response because it’s YOUR binding. Would be sweet to use the Spark’s on a solid board…

    JIn Kazama
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    I do like the spark bindings but they’re not quite as good as the best solid board bindings you can find out there. They’re also much more expensive. When you have a solid board, you don’t care about the weight, you don’t care about touring mode (the spoiler is made for downhill only) and there already is removable bindings on the market (for rental shops), some of which are pretty good.

    Personally, I buy 2nd hand bindings for my secondary boards ( $400 bindings are seldom over $80 2 years later).

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    If you want to use your splitboard bindings on your solid, screw on a set of these and just slide your bindings on!

    These will work with only having to drill 4 holes per puck.


    Adam West

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    I travel a bit, like the idea of having 2-3 boards in a bag with one set of bindings and alternating the bindings based on conditions. I like those plates Adam made, was going to machine a set myself if I couldn’t find a cost effective set already in production.


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    The Frankenbinders had their first tour a week ago. I built them as a loaner set in case I have a visitor and the occasion arrived. I work with a Mountain Biking team and we decided to do a Winter Training Camp, one of the riders was a snowboarder so I loaned him a set up. You can check out that story here:

    So here’s how the Frankenbinders ended up:

    2lbs 1oz a piece is pretty nice for loaners. I ended up fixing the warped bit in the Voile plate with just a chennelock. Now that’s ghetto. My buddy welded them for 0$ and all the parts came from the recycle bin so I’m not out much. My only gripe is that the touring brackets have to be swapped from the Spark LT’s back to the Voile’s but that’s a small price to pay to have a touring partner.

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    Nicely done. Not too heavy either!
    I had this in my mind for some time to get this done, although I am a bit worried how the weld would hold up as it’s not heat treated afterwards.

    Good to see bikers hit the backcountry. I know the Absalon brothers and Gracia are into touring too.

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