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    Okay, wasn’t planning on it, but need to get at least a pair of new tires for my ride… ’95 Jimmy 4×4… 235/75 r15’s.. Currently have Michelin LTX A/T tires on there and they’d actually done me pretty well for light offroad (fireroad, gravel, etc) and the normal winter plowed and unplowed driving… All tires definitely have a couple years left on them with one exception. Car in front of me kicked up something big and sharp at 65mph last night and blew through my front tire instantly… Woohoo! That was a fun ride getting off to the shoulder in one peice…

    Anyway, so, have chance to grab a new pair of tires as I want to keep them matched left to right at least. I’ll relegate the good front to my full-size spare job….

    I’m only managing about 10-15k at most a year… Don’t mind a little noise, but don’t want them too loud.. I really, really value winter driving security and firm sidewalls for cornering with minimal lean…

    Any suggestions? What are your fav’s?

    Narrowed down a bit, opinions welcome on any of the following:

    Yokohama Geolander A/T+II (hear good things, but not a long life)
    Bridgestone Dueler A/T Revo (all good so far)
    BFG All-Terrain T/A KO (verymuch mixed)
    Goodyear Wrangler AT/S (not to be confused with the regular A/T)
    Michelin LTX A/T MS… little better off/road than my current? maybe?

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Hey NoKnees,

    Here’s another tire thread if you haven’t seen it:

    I just know about the Bridgestone A/Ts, which I have on my Pathfinder and which I really like. Not loud, long life, never get stuck. Except for that one time in Baja…

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    noknees- im new to this forum even though ive been checking it out the past few months. (it feels like an eternity since winter ended on the east coast.) thats why i havent posted anything. anyway, im a member on a toyota 4 runner forum. most of the guys over there swear by the bridgestone dueler revos. check them out on tire rack theyve gotten great reviews. once my michelin cross terrains wear out ill be getting the revos.

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    I worked for Michelin for 12 years, so I’m biased toward the LTX M/S (not necessarily the AT). They are (or were) made at the CA1 factory in Nova Scotia, Canada, which is one of the world’s best tire-producing plants for quality and an unbelievably-low customer return rate. The AT is actually better off-road than the M/S, but the M/S rides better and quieter.

    Bridgestones in general are arguably as good as Michelins, if not better. Michelin considered them their only real longterm competition. They are a quality-intense Japanese company who knows how to make a great tire. They just shouldn’t have bought Firestone.

    BFG is owned by Michelin and they have gotten a lot of R&D and capital investment in the last 10 years. I think those KO’s are made on machines that I helped design and install in Tuscaloosa, AL or Ardmore, OK, and those machines were the Michelin corporate standard when I left in 2000. They are prolly damn-good tires, but I have no experience with them.

    Don’t buy Goodyears, any of them. Goodyear is a marketing-driven company not a manufacturing/quality company, so their focus is in the wrong place IMO. I’m sure they have some good tires, but they have some real stinkers.

    I know nothing about Yokohama.

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    Regarding the BFG All-Terrain T/A KO.

    Last season I had a seasonal rental in Mammoth. If you’re familiar with Mammoth, you’ll know that Davison Rd. to John Muir Road is one of the steepest streets in Mammoth (and also one of the last to get plowed). My place was at the top of John Muir. Many friday nights getting into town I had to drive that road unplowed during a dump with several feet of fresh on the ground. Those tires kicked ass.

    I have the BFGs on an 01 Pathfinder and have had nothing but insane grip with them. There isn’t too much road noise either. Highly recommended.


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    Sweet, SFB, I just bought a set of 4.

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    One vote for the Bridgestone Revos. Stoked on the concept of dual compound although I’m not to that point yet on the tread.

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