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    Here are some ski pictures from my season this year.

    I spent 3 weeks driving and traveling around Georgia. I’m Australian, and know that almost no Australians know about this amazing country. I would assume its the same with Americans. Its a developing country coming out of the soviet era. It just happens to be at the foot of the huge Caucasus mountains. I Skied the resorts of Gudauri, Bakaruani, Tetnuldi, Hatsvaldi which are all government owned. Lift tickets range from 5usd to 15usd a day. Lifts are sparkling brand new and European. There is one CMGA certified splitboard Georgian guide who operates out of Gudauri named Oleg. He showed me around and we did some splitboarding together.

    I also skied a day at Cerler in the Pyrenees in Northern Spain

    I skied at Mount Hermon, Israel in February which turned out to be an amazing powder day.

    Finally did a splitboard trip around Nord-Lenangen Lyngen in Norway in May

    bread was 30c and freshly baked from a clay oven
    Georgian food is delicious and a real highlight.

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    You had a pretty amazing season!! Nicely done!

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    Looks like a great frontier there in Georgia, thanks for sharing. How would describe the snow and climate in the parts of the range you were in. Like a thin continental snow pack with lots of wind, or a highly variable snowpack like the central Andes, any statistics for average annual snowfall at any of the resorts?

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    I went over there last year too. That place is epic! so cheap over there, beautiful riding and we had great weather. oldest wine in the world, delicious.

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