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    You gotta love ebay for rare finds.

    I picked up a brand new pair of my beloved K2 Clicker HB T1 boots for $99. 😀

    They are the same model I’ve been using for the last two years and you’ve all heard why I like them (blah blah blah) so I won’t bore you. Sadly, mine are near the end of their life and since they don’t make them anymore I recently picked up a new softboot/strap binding set up for the upcoming season. I’ve also been looking at some used Lowa Struktura AT boots to give the darkside another try in certain conditions. When I came across a brand new pair of my old Clicker HB T1s for super cheap…I couldn’t pass it up. :mrgreen:

    the boots

    the first order of business was to ditch the heavy, uncomfortable stock liners and add my thermo-s

    here is the binding on a Voile slider track and the boot with thermo liner


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