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    i have decided to join the world of making my own split

    Just waiting on the Split Kit to arrive from US

    i have started practising on my old old board

    i think i have read every post on here twice in regards to making your own split, so i hope i’ll do this right

    The Board (my 1st bought 10 years ago $100AUD )

    The Result

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    The Board i want to split is my Old Never Summer Premier 159

    i have got it all set up

    just waiting on the order to be sent then i’ll let it rip

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    a question i have with filing the edge of the Ptex 45 degrees on the inside cut edge

    i’m assuming this is to stop the edge chipping and therefore prolonging the life of the board

    is it just the ptex edge that you file and how much do you guys take off??


    i don’t know of any split boarders in Australia atm

    a few of my mates are using “slow shoes” 😉

    i was out with a bunch of tele AT skiers a couple of weekends back and it was a hard slog keeping up with them.

    i just needed to get the weight of my board of my back 🙂

    this is something a few of us have thought about.

    i’ll post further pics as the neversummer progresses and i’m hoping to test it during our spring conditions

    wish me luck

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    Welcome to the site. Good luck with ripping the NS! I can’t think of any Aussies on, but this dude turned in a trip report from New Zealand. I think there are some Kiwis on too. We need more So. Hemi splitters to post TRs so we don’t get bored out of our nuts during the summer.

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    thanks for the welcome

    i’ll post this in the Trip Report part of the forum

    but here is a link to an Aussie Ski Forum where there is my last report and are some more trip reports

    Jon Dahl
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    Just file the ptex at a 45, it is just to break the edge, not a whole hog affair. The split kit directions should tell you this. And welcome to the world of dividing to conquer!

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    well i just cut my Board 🙁

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    What? Frowney face?!? Dude. –> 😀 😀 😀 <– Humungous smiley faces. Three of them! A splitboard is born!!!

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    @SanFrantastico wrote:

    What? Frowney face?!? Dude. –> 😀 😀 😀 <– Humungous smiley faces. Three of them! A splitboard is born!!!


    i apologies momentary mixed emotions moment

    fully stoked now 😀 😀 😀 :thatrocks:

    will file edge and epoxy this arvo

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    Finding Balance Point

    Drilling Touring Bracket Holes

    Counter Sinking

    T-Nut in

    Touring Brackets on

    Length View

    Binding Plates on

    In Climbing Mode

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    Puck Placement Question

    i’m about to put the pucks on for my riding stance

    My stance is Natural and i have a Duck set up

    about +20 degrees (left foot)
    about -10 degresss (right foot)

    if i use the sticker templates for natural the angles are all for alpine shuss riding (positive)

    i have put one of the goofie stickers (not stuck down) on the board (with the arrow pointing to the tail) to line up the pucks for my negative right foot stance and this lines up with the angles on the sticker

    is this the right way to do it????

    i can’t see any reason why this won’t work


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    Stagger Lee
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    Congrats! That’s a great board and should make an even better split. 😀

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    Sweet dude. Thanks for all the photos.

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    nice whip!

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    Testing this weekend

    and wil be my last weekend for the Australian Season

    so i’ll be expecting awesometrip reports from you peeps over your winter

    there is a thin hair chance of a Tahoe trip maybe in late Feb, but depends on another mate and dollars in the bank

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