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    Our objective for the day was to ski the Gash Couloir, Chris and I have been wanting to get this one checked off the list ever since we first saw it. The weather had been clear for 3 days the longest its been blue here in Jackson for 6 weeks, we decided the conditions and weather were prime to get after it.

    Cache Peaks is located in the Gros Ventre Wilderness. The wilderness boundry is about 5 miles out cache creek on the forest service road, up until that point sled access is permitted, we took advantage of this saving about 5 miles on the skin.

    Chris and I unloaded the sled ripped it out to the wildeness boundry and switched our boards over to skin mode.

    After skinning up a short draw and over a ridge, cache peak came into view.

    A shot back to the Tetons

    We skinned up to the base of the couloir, Chris skinning towards our objective.

    At the base of the couloir we transitioned our skis back to boards, this was the second day out on the new mojo it still needs to be dialed in a little bit but rode great, I can’t wait to get a pair of sparks on it. We topped out on the peak and snapped some shots.

    Looking down the couloir

    Chris dropped first, the snow was stable a bit wind effected but rode nice.

    Next it was my turn.

    After dropping the couloir we rode down as far as possible then met up with our skin track and skinned back to the sled.

    It was sweet day, to ski a fun line.


    BRAVO ❗ Nice work guys. That thing just sits there and taunts you from town. Can’t travel east on Kelly without staring up at it. Good style. The sled makes it so much easier I would guess. Congrats ❗ Nice pics.


    Nice work f***ers. I guess the Gros Ventre curse is over huh? Every time I went out there with Chris someones sled broke down or got stuck. Anyhow, good to see you’re gettin it!
    Peace and Pow from AK!


    Great line. Way to get after it! Like split.therapy said, it’s a damn eyecatching line from certain points in town. I’ve been back to the ski cabin a couple of times with the loose intention of riding it, but other closer objectives always won out. I figured that without a sled, it might be less of a slog to get to it from the cabin because you’re at elevation already, but I might be wrong.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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