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    Was looking for info on Gallatin Peak, I’ve had my eye on it for some time and need a break from the wasatch sometime this winter. Everything i’ve read says it’s a pretty good hike to get back there. Is it doable in a day, or is it better as an overnight trip? Is March a safe enough time to get back in there or do I need to wait later? Thanks for any info!


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    I too have Gallatin on my list and here are some links. PM me your email address and I’ll send you a scanned article from Backcountry Magazine about the peak.

    I’ve not climbed the peak in winter (have come close in Summer). It’s a long hike just to get to it no matter what access you take (skiiers typically starty by Big Sky at the Beehive Basin TH). When I ski it I’m going to make it an overnighter by camping at Thompson Lake.

    From Tom Turiano (author of Select Peaks of Greater Yellowstone)

    From Steve Jay (former Bozemanite and mad crazy bc skiier)

    Josh Gage (Bozeman photographer)

    Summit Post page


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    gallatin pk is def a must hit. A friend and i hit it a couple years back in spring, which is the way to go imo especially for a one day trip. It is a long day though and i would prob camp to hit more lines if i did it again. If you do hit it in winter be aware that you do hit quite a bit of avy terrain just to get to the base of gallatin. I would recommend going in from beehive which is a little longer but breaks it up with a couple short descents on the way. Like i said though be careful on these cause when we did it we cleaned the last descent into hellroaring with a wetslide and this is your way back out. My buddy had skied it before and actually went in from beehive and came out hellroaring, but said he wouldn’t go that way again. Take a look at the NW couloir(i think that’s it) when you’re on the summit, i want to go back and hit it but it would require an overnighter as it drops into a different drainage. If you have any questions let me know and i’ll help if i can, but the select peaks has most of what u need to know

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