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    Hey all,

    I just recently switched to Gaia Pro from Gaia at the end of last year, and I wanted to give some tips on what I’ve found to work well for routefinding. The slope and overlay are HUGE for splitboarding. Certainly more expensive $39 1 year, but in my opinion super worth it.

    GaiaPro GPS – Maximize Your Days Splitboarding

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    Powerful app for sure. Only problem is that I don’t like looking at my phone when I’m in the great outdoors 🙂 I like the challenge and process of route finding w/o the electrons telling me where I’m at. However, I have to admit this app is the ticket to an efficient tour and finding/sharing routes, etc.

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    Fully understand that. I always keep mine in airplane mode, so I really only use maps. I’ve found that the slope more that I’ve used it isn’t uber accurate at a small scale. My opinion is keep the phone in your pocket, and then in times of uncertainty, it adds the ability to make a smart decision.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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