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    What would be your #1 choice for food/ fuel on multiday trips.
    I tend to run minimalist so looking for the best bang for weight with min prep and fuel usage.

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    I have been messing around with an Esbit setup. The titanium 3 prong stove/stand only weighs 11g, and one tab will get 22oz. almost boiling and hot enough for some coffee and oatmeal.

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    Quesadillas. I like hot real food at night so a bag of tortillas, bag of shredded cheese, And here you can buy fosters farms pre cooked chicken breast strips. They are grilled and real . It just takes heating the ingredients long enough to heat the chicken and melt the cheese. . It does require the larger jetboil skillet/pan but I use that to hold the ingredients and utensils
    Extra points for avocado on top

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    Jetboil for shorter/smaller trips, reactor for longer tours, white gas stoves for basecamp/little to no touring situations.

    tough to beat dehydrated meals for lightweight and ease of cleanup (if you rehydrate in the bag) but adding some real fat (butter/olive oil/cheese) can increase flavor and calories significantly.

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