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    Bought my dream set-up only to break my leg and have surgery. Need to sell for medical bills : (
    -168W Solution- ONE scratch from last trip which did NOT get the edge. It will need filled. That’s the only thing that makes it used. Ridden 5 days doing mellow touring otherwise.
    -Sparks Burners- large with the LT pin upgrade; nearly new
    -Voile skins and hardware; Karakoram clips and buckles
    -Also have the double climbing bar aftermarket upgrade if interested. Never mounted or used.

    Have over 1400$ invested. Asking 1150$ or best offer!!

    My loss is your gain. Best board I’ve ever ridden- period.

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    Since this is your first post you might want to include some pictures if you are hoping to sell it. Just sayin

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    I agree. I’m laid up at home and only have my phone which won’t upload pics. I’ll send pics by text or email to interested peeps. Or come get it. I live in Port Angeles, WA!!

    65 Posts $1000 in the craigslist ad? 1150 on

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    Great investigative work!! Was hoping for a quick sale in Bham, where I wouldn’t have to ship. I’ve also included the double climbing bar into this deal- 35$ upgrade.
    It also says or best offer if you missed that part.

    How do you upload pics to this site?!!

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    Why are you busting this guys balls? It’s rude. Not sure why you got that intro. Net is savage sometimes. We are all just children inside.

    To post pics you have to get an account at photobucket or something similar and just copy the IMG code into your message. There is a tutorial thread on here somewhere.

    Good luck selling your rig, it’s a sick setup.

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    That’s nothing compared to the agro price police on TGR. Its all in the spirit of splitting at the cheapest possible price.

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    I didn’t mean to be busting balls, just wondering why there was a 15% mark-up for Pretty sure that’s a reasonable question, and the seller treated it as so.

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