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    Board is in Hood River OR

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    Is it perfect… NO

    Is it usable … YES!

    Regular Stance, 166 wide. Water tight, great starter setup for cheap.
    Comes with (used!) skins and voile hardware too if you want.

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    Woops! Price is 225+ S&H… Would prefer more local sale.

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    what is your location?

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    Thanks, Sorry about that… Edit is on top…

    A few of the epoxy “plugs” are cracking and could be touched up… everything is T bolted. The tour brackets arent centered perfect but I’ve never had problems. Stance is ducked about 12 degrees. I upgraded to a venture that I spent some $$$ on and really did not notice to much of a difference.

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    Nice, saw this on craigslist thought about it but really 166 is way too long for my skinny butt. Hell I have a hard time with a massive camber 164. Although the width could be nice.

    Its a 2008 board btw, I couldn’t get any information on flex or camber but they were quite proud of its stiffness. All sorts of acronymal jargon 😀

    I think I could drop to 160 – 162 wide

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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