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    Selling a 2014 never summer prospector. 164. Top sheet still in great shape, couple tiny chips at the edge front edges whacking while skinning, otherwise looks cherry.
    Base is in pretty good shape. It has a couple small ptex repairs (professionally done. I work in a shop) and a couple scratches too shallow to hold Ptex. Never had a core shot or had any hard impacts. Board has 25-30 days on it probably. I can get pics for those that are interested.
    $675 deck
    $800 deck, plus custom cut 140mm black diamond ascension nylon skins (wall to wall carpet, 130 mm have way too much exposed edge)
    $1000 deck, skins, spark blazes (first gen/burner style solid base) with 2014 straps/ratchets and lt pin setup

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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