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    My sister is selling her 139cm splitboard, made using the Voile Split Decision kit, mounted in a duck-foot regular configuration. It’s a kid’s / adolescent size board Burton circa 1994 / 1995, very flexible, green with a cat on it.

    No bindings included, but it comes with the Voile plates (not pictured), heel lifts and all the standard hardware in the Voile kit. The kit is also technically removable, so you could take the parts and make a different splitboard with some patience and skill in a shop once your kid outgrows it and wants a bigger / longer board.

    The board is well used, but the Voile kit has only seen snow a half dozen times at most.

    This would make a great splitboard for someone looking to get their kid into the backcountry, or if you are very lightweight (<90-100 lbs I would guess). The binding plates can be remounted for a regular/goofy setup, you'd just need to drill some holes and remount.. easily done at a ski/board shop.

    The Voile kit did involve drilling through the board from the bottom, but you can cover over the holes with ptex, though at that point it becomes more difficult to un-install. Also, when cutting the board, the saw had to cut through binding connector screw voids along the centerline, which melted the base a little cause it took more time / heat so the ptex got a bit discolored in a few spots, but it’s just a cosmetic blemish as far as I can tell.

    Skins are not included.

    It’s currently in Austin, TX, but I’ll ship anywhere in the lower 48 for $30 UPS ground. If by some remote chance you’re local to Austin, you’re of course welcome to come check it out… maybe if you’re coming into town for SXSW you can take it home with you on the plane.

    Hi-res pictures here:

    Asking $225 OBO.



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