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    hi people
    i got a splitboard this winter ( i used snowshoes before that but really it’s a nightmare..) so i started to check out these pages and found a lot of useful info, nice pictures and videos as well as fun reading….so i decided to join in.
    it’s been a so so winter so far but thanks to the split there was always good snow to be found in places the wind and the sun didn’t reach.

    here’s a couple of vids i shot in january, i should reencode one of them for the size but it takes a while..i’ll get around to it sometime.i didn’t put no music on them because of copyrights but took the original sound of because of the leash clicking against the cam case..



    great forum
    keep those first tracks coming


    Hi, nice vids. How is the camera mounted in the first video – do you use a chest attachment? Just curious, I like that I can follow the landscape and see the board still.


    hi thanks!!
    both the vids are shot using the headstrap mount wich i use on the side of the head ( i put foam on the inside of the mount so it’s not right on my ear) and then angle the cam the cam is pretty much level with my eyes ( or my nose as you can see in the vid…).
    i find it’s better too to see the board and the landscape!

    have a good one!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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