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    Dutch Marc
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    Hi Every, I am cleaning out some of my old kite gear. I have 2 complete Kite kits for Kiteboarding.

    1 x Nash 11.5 – 4 Line with Bar (More advanced)
    1x Nash 6 – 2 Line with Bar (Easy as start setup)

    Both have inflatable struts & are in good condition, fully functioning & no leaks.

    :disco: Free for pickup in Marina Del Rey , CA 90292 :disco:

    Pixs @

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    Damn that’s quite an offer Marc! :thatrocks:

    I can’t pick it up but I’d entertain shipping if you’re interested. Could be just the nudge I’ve needed to get into the sport.

    Dutch Marc
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    Cool, Yea, Maybe you & your boys can play with them.

    Damm, My girlfriend just left a few hours ago.. driving back to SF. Would be easy nuf to have her take them up.

    The Kites are not that heavy, just bulky I guess. Do you have a account for shipping that you would like to use?

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    Pretty irresponsible giving these death traps away to someone that will have no idea. These are first generation kites 10years old and are unforgiving and quite likely to kill you. New kites with bridals ( lots of stings to shape the kite) are able to depower ( stop the pulling) where these old C shape kites use only the bladders and material to hold its shape thus they dont depower. So when you get hit with a gust of wind you cant just push the bar out to minimise the power you have to ride it out with the board.

    If you want to start best thing you can do is buy a trainer foil kite they are cheap small and easy to resell and you can teach your self. With this you will learn about the powerwindow and how to generate power out of the kite. Then get lessons it only takes a few and then hopefully by then you will know what kite to buy. This isn’t the kite. If you showed up to any kite spot for a lesson with this no one would teach you.

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    + 1 w/ ChrisNZ. You’d be better off makin those kites into tents & the bladders could be donated for gorilla condoms.

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    Or get busy with the sewing machine?

    On my list of things to do…

    Quite low down on the list, to be honest. Certainly a bit below “work out whether this would be the best option.”

    Would be a cool project, though.

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    Yo Dog…i am interested…

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    Mtnrider – seriously – you don’t want these unless you’d be using them for a recycling project.
    1: Safety – the safety systems in these old kites just aren’t anything like kites from 2006> Like ChrisNZ pointed out they don’t depower either. Critical aspects for a beginner especially. Some people escaped death learning on these things when they 1st came out but that’s exactly what it was.

    2: Relaunch – if you’re just learning – having a kite that relaunches easily from the water after it comes down is critical to the learning curve. The only way to overcome this aspect is to kite only in water that is shoulder deep or less or have people with you who are only there to watch over you – preferably with boat support. These old kites are miserable to try to self launch or relaunch off water. You’ll end up hating kiting. I’ve read that So Cal has very light winds typically – if true this only makes the relaunch problem worse x10.

    If you’re serious about getting into kiting try to find out when there will be a big kiting expo or demo. Talk to the promotors to see if there will be lesson options and try out kites to see what feels comfortable. I don’t think there are many sports that people really need to take lessons to get into – just to see if they like it or not but kiting is different. If you already have a lot of experiences in wind sports maybe not so much but if you don’t – definitely start with trainer kites and lessons.

    Dutch Marc
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    WOW What a responses for trying to get some1 for a couple of free kites

    YES YES YES …. Yes there a older kites. They are also Free!!!! :bananas: :bananas:

    DEAD TRAP. Hmmmm Been using them for years, have been able to get out today crawl behind the keyboard and follow up 🙂 Yes True newer kites are easier to use, better, safer and alos no free.

    Just like splitboarding, Safety & Common Sense go a long way. Just like the old snowboards & splitgear ,.. newer is better etc. treu …. but …. When I started 25 Years ago thet old shitze was the new shitze back then … Sometimes I wish I still had my burton cruzer 165 split tail 🙂 Maybe someday it becomes classic geat, it might already be ?

    The 4 Line Nash kite can be depowered via the Bar. You can always depower the kite by … just letting go of the handle bar. Anyway.

    bcrider or mtrider contact me off list if you are intrested. Other wise I will put them on craigslist for some other suicide wanne be kit-surfer :rock: :headbang:

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