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    Short TR

    Headed to frazier this morning for some early morning turns. Kyle and Jud started skinning at 5:30, but I forgot my jacket and rushed home in fear of high winds and the cold. My concern turned out to be unfounded. The drive back and forth took only 50 mins, which was not exactly safe – in fact downright dangerous. I caught up to the dudes at the pass before the drop-in to the basin.

    We arrived on top of the lines at 10 or so. Jud had not been to frazier before, so he took the central route with a spine variation. Kyle took the rocky to 20 ft drop to exposure to couloir to windpack line. I went after a line I had seen in print before, which required some routefinding.

    The snow was a bit heavy from melting the day before, but had not warmed up enough at that time to be of concern for wet slides. Stable otherwise.

    To sum it up, Jud had a slight fall at the top of his line but recovered and ripped the rest of it. Kyle tore into his line, but was hampered down below by wind-packed snow. I conservatively dropped my line to ease routefinding, and enjoyed it – sluff, chunks at the bottom, and some exhilarating tight sections. Now that I have felt it out, I hope to really rip it next time!

    We made it back to Bozeman at noon, with plenty of time to chill. Sorry for the choppy nature of the TR, but dems da facts.

    Early morn alpenglow

    Kyle on the outpost

    Jud ready to drop

    Jud’s somewhere in there on the spines

    My line

    Kyle’s mandatory drop line in the middle right

    I’m sure some better photos will be available as the other guys chime in.

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    oh, and the mountain gun kicks ass!

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    nomad’s line is called Hattrip. Ankeny’s line. Jud, Hollywood headwall. Kyle, i’m not sure, but maybe The Rib. nomad’s line…… well, it speaks for itself. fukenaye!!!! was Jud on your old split?

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    Daaaaaaaaammmmm boys ! Way to go !


    kyle christenson
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    Patrick ontop of his line

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    Props to all three of you. Nice mountains, and so close to home.

    Is the line to the farthest right (lookers) one of your guys’? That line looks pretty sweet. Nice turns on top, then a little billy goating, followed by a steep, tight, long couloir. Makes my stomach tingley just thinking about it.

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    nomad, that looks sick!! how far of a skin is it into that area? also, is it snowmobile accessible? dude, we need to hook up one of these weekends.

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    Holy crap, that looks amazing! Nice work!

    What is “frazier”, is that the name of the mountain?

    kyle christenson
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    The lookers right line was mine.

    The area is snowmobile assessible, which would make the 7 mile approach skin real easy.

    I think the area is called Frazier because Fraizer lake is in the middle of the drainage.

    Here is my tr…

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    In my dumbass opinion, “That was the sickest line of the season!” HELL YA! Absolutely fucking beautiful for lack of better words.

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    Damn nice…. Don’t need a heli to ride some of the sickest lines I’ve ever seen…

    Good stuff!

    Greg - NoKnees

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    Dutch Marc
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    Awsome PIXS & great TR update! Way2Go!! Nice lines. Looking forward to next TR

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    Nice job guys. So you went in on the fairy lake road or what?(Brackett?) Anyways way to get after it.

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    Great pics and impressive lines. 8)

    I remember this area from past TRs. Definitely a cool place to be, it’s been added to the places I’d like to visit.

    Thanks for the stoke! :mrgreen:

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    mmmmm……spines. 8)

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    enough said.

    you guys are freakin psychotic.


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    No way, what a small world.

    I know Mike P and Perry. Mike was the first guy I met when I moved to Bozy 7 years ago – he was hitch hiking up to Fairy Lake after a mtb ride gone wrong – and we stayed friends until he moved to Bellingham. The last I heard from him he was considering going back to SD to do real estate appraisals but I doubt that’s the case.

    I met Perry through Mike and rode in Perry’s Dakota 5-0 mtb race for a few seasons. Those are some great guys. Hope to see them again sometime.

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    Crazy insane or insane crazy. Good group of core guys. Perry puts on a sick race for sure. Good peeps. Crazy I mumble to myself…crazy. Perry comes to Wyoming to ride a bunch with me…we should hook up sometime. Get the crew together.


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