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    My friend Eric Svege invited me along to hopefully ride a face he had been lookin at for some time… the north face of Fortress just outside of Trinity Washington…***note, Trinity is private property and has a full time caretaker who doesn’t take kindly to un-announced tresspassing. If you plan to pass through, e-mail before hand, and ask permission, ask if he needs you to bring him anything. It is his home, be respectful.

    We set off with a loaded sled thursday morn and where to camp by ealry afternoon. Had time to pitch the tent, dig for water, and then go and grab some nice pow riding before dinner.

    extra peaty 12 yr laphroige… 70$ a fifth, but at the moment, priceless.

    It was snowing and windy coming in, but it cleared and calmed. we could see everything that was obscured the day before.

    shitty capture of the sunrise on Fortress

    Then we went up…

    Aye Chiwawa!

    scenic skinning, strong sunshine this time of year

    A little botting to gain the ridge after popping off a little wind slab.

    a little work.

    and we is in! So rad! Maybe never seen a ski or snowboard before.

    300 actions shots, and not a skier or boarder in 90%… leading em way too much I guess.(need a view finder!)

    Ride down was exhilarting! Steep, exposed, and great stable powder. I could show you, but agian the view finder thing had me taking pics of the sky. But here it is from the summit of Chiwawa a few hours later also a little high.


    the route we took out of the lake back up to the saddle.

    Aye CHiwawa!! we rode the west face before rapping around to teh south side all teh way back to camp.

    One more drink of water.

    time to head home….It pays to have friends with friends. This is private property, and you don’t want to mess with Texas.

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    Wow! That looks freakin’ awesome ale! Great stuff! :rock:

    Kyle Miller
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    Simply EPIC!!!!!!!!

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    @ale_capone wrote:


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    Ale, you’ve killing some big lines this year……nice work.

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    Thats some big targets Scott. way to kill Buddy

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    nice work…very aesthetic line

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    Awesome! :thatrocks:

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