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    ECOB; wow man! T Kerasote was just on the radio here doing a talk show about Merle’s Door, people seem to be really into that book, lots of people were calling in.

    TK’s outlook and mine are very similar; the last chapter of Blood Ties basically lays it down. I am also on the wild meat only sort of vibe. I went from militant vegan to primitive hunter because of many important realizations. I am not interested in sport hunting or trophies; only healthy food and physical, biological, spiritual connection to what it means to be a human being on planet earth.

    Your reference to the Inuit man is excellent; in my mind we have basically de-evolved to become weaker, both physically and psychologically, with our dependence on conviniences and technology. I am one to use motors, like anyone, (heli-crack addict 😛 ), so am not claiming the high ground here, but when people complain about hard work in the outdoors it truly is pathetic bening that 99.9% of human history was spent doing hard work in the outdoors, day-in-day-out, which obviously included foot travel across long distances in harsh environments and conditions. We truly have those ancient people to thank for our being here today, and we should honor them, and honor ourselves by having some principles and integrity for how we live, and what is truly adaptive. People can do what they want, or say what they want, but in the end it will be their maladaptive outlook that will likely do them in, and if not them, certainly the future generations of their genes, that they do or do not pass on…….

    aside from that, I would like to say that EcoBrad is down for the real for bringing up and staying engaged in these critical subjects…thanks brotha :headbang:

Viewing 41 post (of 41 total)

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