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    Just wanted to throw out some SPAM for a good friend of mine that I went to high school with…

    He was always into drawing and has put together a website (along with a couple other surf style artists) called . Its really cool to see him pursue his passion.

    Take a minute to check it out if you’re into it. 🙂

    Here is some of his work. (and some of the other artists)

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    Nice stuff. You should have him design a logo/sticker/t-shirt! 🙂

    Jon Dahl
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    Take the snowcarve one and draw a line down the middle of the board, THEN you’ve got something!!

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    Or the eyeball guy on a splitboard!

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    this guy is really good. He needs to get to work marketing. Sending work samples to all the surf retail companies for one. Someone will hire him for sure, pretty obvious the skill is there.

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