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    Curious, what did it feel like, what were your symptoms, etc.? ACL, MCL, whatever, just curious…

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    what did it feel like when it happened? I’ve done both my MCL’s, and they both were the same. you hear a pop on the inside of your knee, doesn’t hurt right away, but it feels way to loose. And then wham! that shit stings man. for me it was a constant throbbing.

    but it didnt hurt nearly as much as when i went to the hospital to get it examined and the doctor tripped over the knee. ass

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    Mine was pretty obvious.

    I came up short and landed flat on a gap at Hood Meadows….heard a pop, felt lots of pain, and the knee buckled if I tried to weight it.

    Hope yours is just a sprain!

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    Hypothetically speaking what was the rehab time? Constant popping and internal pain/shifting when bending the leg at greater than a 90 degree angle? Tenderness when touching the knee area?

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    @bigdood wrote:

    Constant popping and internal pain/shifting when bending the leg at greater than a 90 degree angle? Tenderness when touching the knee area?

    Did you have a specific accident or is your knee just not feeling right? I’ve got some tendonitis issues and what you describe sounds exactly the way my knee often times feel.

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    If you do have an injury hopefully it’s your MCL. An MCL will typically heal on its own as long as you don’t keep aggravating it. I’ve injured mine (left knee – I’m regular footed) three times (all Grade II’s), each time taking several weeks to fully heal. I’ve always been able to continue riding after a few days while wearing good hinged-brace. Just make sure your knee is all healed up and ready for all those skintrack switchbacks we’ll all be stomping out soon :thumpsup: . Your split-ski will feel real heavy if you don’t.

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    Your’re fucked. :banghead: :banghead:

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    RICEM = Rest + Ice + Compress + Elevate + Marijuana

    Putting the poo in swimming pool since 1968.

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    @Ecobrad wrote:

    Your’re fucked. :banghead: :banghead:

    I always appreciate an intelligent decision by a medical professional.

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    I strained/tore my MCL. Even managed to do it on the board. Symptoms were extreme soreness/stiffness on inner side of my knee, centered a bit below and left of my kneecap (it was my right knee). As others said, rest, ice and time did the trick. I was back on the board in a few weeks, so maybe I didn’t really rest. Oh well. I didn’t know about that “M” step. Another lesson from forums!

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    Sounds a lot like my meniscus tears. Bad news: surgery. Good news – fast, complete recovery.

    jive stick
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    I have a torn miniscus, the result of high milage trail running amongst other things. No popping, significant pain at times with twisting or impact. Into it about a year, now.
    Bad news $5000.00.
    Good news. Although somewhat crippled, I’m not out for the count. Will be enjoying and also continuing my 30+ years of snow study.


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    Cartilage/meniscus issues can lead to a temp locking of the joint… a severe catching. Not the type of complication you want to take to far in the BC. Downright hazardous in a technical situation.

    This happened to me from time to time until it became unmanagable….finally getting it cleaned up this fall.

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