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    Here’s a little video I threw together from all the awesome TRs people have shared with us last year in our trip report forum.

    For those about to Rock35meg

    Thanks for making it possible splitters!

    Here’s to another year, be safe out there! 😀

    Splitters Unite! 8)


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    thanks man, nice to see shots of Japan in there… my wife was yelling “hey that ‘s me, that’s me!”.

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    great vid! even it’s more a slide-show … anyhow, it’s great! thx bcrider! 😀 😀 😀

    have to publish some pics here this season … maybe for the next edition. 😉

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    Excellent! 8)


    Super cool! I really enjoyed the show. Some great photos from all.

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    Very cool. I wanna call in sick to work and head for the hills ASAP!!!

    Mountain Freak
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    Excellent job. I’ll send you all my raw footage at the end of the year :mrgreen:

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    Great idea BCR. Fun to watch. I feel all fuzzy inside.

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    great vid.

    i’m all fired up to go ride.

    fave shot: the dude barreling down the hill with the smoke trail behind him and his dog haulin ass to keep up. classic.

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    Great job as always BCR. I am even more amped up now to go ride. Let us pray to the snow gods for another killer season.

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    I say hell ya!!!! Nice work it was a great year and here comes on more. Time to head out on a moonlight trip!!!!

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    wow! cool video, good job bcr. the music takes me back to the old barefoot snowboard days. twisted sister, vintage! 😆

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    bcrider, what software did you use to make this??

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    hi montoya,

    I used a program called ulead studio 8. Its ok for basic projects like this but its kinda limited for really professional stuff.

    Glad you and the mrs enjoyed the vid. 8)
    Your pics helped make it special. Thanks.

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    thanks, we have been showing it to a lot of people here in Japan.

    the snow is starting to fall here. sooo stoked.

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    Uh oh, I’m stoked again. Rock on!

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    Nice work BCR! Splitters rule!!!!

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    SWEET! thanks for putting all that together. it ends on a perfect note too. 😀

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