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    165cm Prior Splitboard in pristine condition. Comes with Voile Tractor Skins and Burton Mission bindings. The board itself has hardly been used the past 4 seasons and the Voile Tractor Skins are new and have been used only once. The bindings are used but in great condition. The bindings are a size large. Asking $875 CAD OBO. Willing to ship but the buyer has to pay for shipping. Check out some pictures here:

    Archie McPhee
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    Is this a Backcountry or Khyber? Traditional camber?


    It is a 2006 Prior Backcountry split with traditional camber.

    Archie McPhee
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    That’s what I’ve got. Nice board. Was thinking if it was a Khyber I’d upgrade. Love those boards.


    It’s been a great board. Haven’t ridden it as much as I would have liked (damn work) but when I did take it out, it always kept me smiling! 😀
    Solid board by a solid company.

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    Hy I am interested. You can ship in Europe?



    I can ship the board to Europe, but you will have to pay for shipping. I’m not sure how much it will cost. (Just for reference I live in Victoria, BC, Canada.)
    I can get you a shipping cost estimate, if you tell me where in Europe you would like it shipped.


    Price change: Now asking $825 CAD OBO.

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    strange to see a splitboard for sale on :/


    The price has now been changed to $700 CAD OBO.

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    I am interested, you can ship in Roumania, Europe?
    I pay the shipping cost, normally.



    Honestly, I would rather not ship to Europe. You are looking at double to triple the current cost of the board with shipping.


    The price is now $650 CAD OBO. I would take $625 w/o the bindings.

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    interested in it w/o bindings. Will you ship to NZ??


    hey buddy

    you still have this board? i live in whistler and i’m interested in it. if you are going to the mainland in the next 5-6 weeks i’d be happy to meet you in vancouver or horseshoe bay. call me on 604-902-9607 when you get this.

    thnks ben.

    Archie McPhee
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    Suggest you also try Craigslist – worked for me.

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    is this board still for sale? thanks.


    Sorry, the board is sold.

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