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    I splitted for the first time today and my feet were hurting so much on the second ascent that I had to take my boots off for a little while. The pain is on the ball of the foot and the toes. It just felt so compressed, even though my boas (3 on each boot) were really relaxed. Could it be they were too relaxed? I think my foot is pulling up up the heavy weight of the board and all the hardware which is jamming my foot into the boot/binding. I really didn’t expect this, but it was so uncomfortable. My set up is in my signature. Do you think the binding or boot is bad? Any tips?

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    Could be any number of things, but (assuming the boots are big enough) I’d first try slightly tightening the boas that control the area of your foot in which you are the experiencing pain. You don’t need to crank them down, but a snug fit will support your foot and prevent all of those little muscles and tendons from needing to constantly work to stabilize you.

    Good luck, it’s gonna take a fair amount of trial and error but you’ll figure it out.

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    I’m guessing that your problem is less in the boots and more in the bindings. Can you adjust your Flows to lessen the forward lean so it’s neutral? Forward lean will put a lot of strain into the length of the tissue from your calf to the ball of your foot. It’s a thought.

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    thanks for the suggestions, I’ll give it a try.

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    For skinning, I usually have my bindings loose. I don’t like sloppy boots – I’d take tight boots over loose boots because loose boots lead to blisters.

    Did the pain significantly go away when you took off your boots? It could just be that you’re not used to skinning, and therefore it could be muscle fatigue from muscles you don’t use on a regular basis.

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    the pain did go away after I took off my boots and wiggled my toes. But then the pain came back as soon as I started skinning again. But yeah, there is the fact that I am not used to skinning. Over the next 3 days I had all sorts of soreness.

    It’s a good work out though. I wish I lived closer to the mountains; I would go all the time.

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