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    Went on my first tour yesterday with my new to me board and brand new Driver X boots. Halfway through the day I started getting massive foot pain under the ball of my foot and across the whole front of my foot. I looked at where the pain was and it looks to be at the end of where the binding kicks up? My feet still hurt today. The bones feel bruised. Is this a problem with the up turned toe area of this binding? Or is it my boots?

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    Lots of variables in there-new boots, first tour, new split.
    Have you replaced the padded disc over the baseplate disk in the binding? I have a pair of step-ins,(all metal with the long, gradual toe/heel ramps, right?) and without the padding over the disk, there was a depression that put pressure on my arches and hurt.
    Also, new boots-have you had them fitted? I’m not sure if those boots have athermofit liner, but if they do they should be fitted by a pro. If they don’t, I’d say get some and see a pro.
    Pain sucks. Pain when you are playing is counterproductive.

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    I’m thinking this is just breaking in new boots syndrome. My driver x’s were a tough break in due to the stiffer than usual construction. Do ’em up tight and play like 5 hours of guitar hero – does you about as much good as getting the liners pro heated. When they do break, best boot going. As for the step ins, the ramp is pretty mellow, it is probably just adding pressure to your un molded boots. The crappy straps and shoddy craftsmanship of Bent Metal is for another topic. :twocents:

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    Brand new boots always beat up my feet for a while.

    Also, you didn’t mention if your binders had forward lean while touring. FL can cause additional pressure on the bottoms of your feet, dialing it all the way back for the tour is the way to go. As long as your high backs are easily adjustable, increasing the FL for riding is pretty simple.

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    Thanks for the input guys. I pulled my bindings off last night to look at them with my boots installed.

    Problems found.
    1. Toe ramp and heel ramp set to the smallest foot position. This put the end of the ramp at the ball of my foot.
    2. Heel hoop was in the middle.
    3. FL adjuster block 2nd tallest giving a lot of lean, especially with my boots. The boots didn’t even go all the way into the heel zone of the binding.

    So…….I had issues. I moved everything out to the ends and gained about 2″ of length under foot. This should help a lot. I can now get the toe strap to the front of my boot where I run it on my regular board. And the ramp only leaves about 1″ of boot sticking out. The cool part about these bindings is that all of this was adjustable. I also moved the binding back on the slider plates 1 hole. This seems to center everything on the board better. Now I just need to work on my stance in ride mode.

    Another thing I noticed while skinning was how straight my feet were to keep the skis straight. This I think strained my hips a bit. I kind of walk duck footed. So I dialed in 1 degree of duck foot into my bindings for ski mode. I will see how it works. I could maybe do more but sometimes a little is a lot when it comes to things like that.

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    This adjustment made a huge difference in uphill comfort. I had little to no foot pain at all going up. Down was another story. I need to work on my stance now. The duck stance worked well going up. Less strain on the hips. I think I will dial in even more now. Maybe 5 degrees?

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